Oticon Tego Pro vs. new Phonaks (post AAA)

Has anyone come across prices yet for the new Naidas? Since I’ll soon be in the market for new aids, I’d like to get the biggest bang for my buck.

Wait till the AAA, i would tend to think Oticon will launch a cheaper version of the Epoq in response to Siemens and Phonak…
In their press released, they hinted that the product life cycle of the Tego is in their last stages… So I would bet that given the fact siemens has introduce a mid price wireless instrument it would make sense…

What I think they need to introduce is a new super power. But if I had to guess they are waiting to see what phonak has come up with and launch one…

Siemens has a Wireless super power… and so does phonak, so having such a product has to be a priority…

if i can get an idea of the new naida prices, it might help my decision. i like the “more” water resistance feature as that is one of the main reasons i usually opt for ite’s over bte’s - the moisture from my hair and behind my ears concern me when i wear bte’s.

what will be the prices of the naida’s?

right now i’m forced to stick with a price range and try the models that fit within the budgeted price.

so…if i understand you right…wait until after the aaa and opt for the naida’s over the tego pro?

Naida is a newer instrument
it also has wireless capabilites,
that feature would make it superior to the SUMO DM

the tego pro is equal to the extra not the nadia

My local Audi says Naida 5 is $4700, Naida 3 is $4200 (I think).

I saw one price on line and it was about $38 or 3900. I do not know if it was the 3 or the 5. I am hoping to demo the 5 in one week. This the device for the profoundly deaf (I fit that bill).

All prices are BTEs for a pair.

based on this information ($4,200), the naida 3 is just above my budgeted price.

i’m curious to know the users’ reactions.

Unless you select the mail order route. I think the one I saw on a mail order site was a 5 - I am waiting for a reply to confirm myself.

Here is what my audi says are the differences - but they pulled it all from phonak documentation (which is normal).

The differences between the Naida 3 and 5:

Naida 5 has more features than the Naida 3.
Naida 5 - 16 band instrument, 3 base programs: comfort and noise, calm, speech and noise. It is directional (you can change the direction you would like to hear eg. if someone is speaking behind you), modifies wind noise and has real ear sound.

Naida 3 - 6 band instrument, 2 base programs: calm, speech and noise. It is omin only, no wind noise management and no real ear sound.

Also - prices were $4600 and $3900 (I checked again). This may have been a ‘dea’ for me - but I have no way of knowing.


thanks. the tego pro is equivilant to the extra. can you go the other way? the naida is equivilant to the oticon _______.

if i can compare the brands’ models apples to apples, it would help my decision.

thanks and have a great weekend.

I’m not trying to answer for anyone else, I’d like to know comps too, but I am told the Naida 5 is not comparable to anything. That the SUMO DM? (whichever sumo is top line SP), is the closest thing and that there are advantages to the Naida.

SUMO DM, but the Naida is superior- Oticon should introduce a super power perhaps this year or next year, I would expect the Naida to be FAR SUPERIOR
to the sumo DM. Previously, the Supero was a similar choice to the SUMO DM… But the Sumo being better, i think (very subjective though)