Oticon Syncro

Hi all,
New to the forum.
Coming from SIEMENS Signia(my old HE/BTE), I tried SIEMENS Centra P(not very happy), and now OTICON SYNCRO P, (two days ago).
Do you know,if there is any difference between OTICON SYNCRO P and OTICON SYNCRO 2 Power ???
Thank you

The Syncro 2 is a later - and better - version … although even that is not the newest kid on the block.

Thank you very much ,for your response.

oticon sincro 2 has datalogging and the live version in genie

I have Siemens Centra P and I like it. I only can wear Siemens Hearing Aids brand because of my hearing loss. I tried about every brands and they didn’t help me with my hearing loss.

thank you for your response

Thank you for your response

remember, oticon do not lower the price of their products once the new instruments are introduced.

So the Vigo pro should be cheaper than the sincro yet it is pack with more
feat. So for the money get a Vigo