Oticon Sumo (part 2)

I showed my audi your suggestions and apparently, it made it worse LOL. For a while he couldn’t find the DSL, as the application (Genie) wasn’t user friendly. The noise management made the telecoil worse and didn’t do much to deal with the muffled sounds.

However, he managed to increase the MPO for less compression (it helps a tiny bit) and decreased the high frequency to cut down the feedback. It was all he could do to keep the HA from getting feedback (as I’m between power level 3.5 and 4) couldn’t go any higher than that, I think.

I have my audiogram:

dB Hz
70-- 250
90-- 500
110-- 750
120-- 1000

I dunno about speech comp level…as I didn’t think to ask him. He’s going to try talking to the programmer tomorrow and I’ll see him again on the 15th.

I actually think genie is easy to fit.

Ask her to click on the program selection