Oticon SUMO Epoqs?

Hello all

Has anyone heard about Oticon coming out with a super powered Epoq aid? :confused: I know some people tell me to just get the Phonak Naidas, but I am really holding out for a high powered Epoq aid by Oticon. I am not sure why they haven’t released it yet since they have all of the technology and there is a market for it.

If anyone knows or has heard anythign please let me know.



They will be released in april 15…

Thanks for the insder tip. I am just curious where you heard the April date from, but I will hold off till then nonetheless.

Is anyone else besides me happy that Oticon will finally be releasing a high powered epoq? :smiley:

I would say that I am more curious than happy.

I’ve worn the Oticon 380P’s for like 20 years and my feedback issue was really a big problem.

I had tried the Sumo’s but felt that they were not being able to cancel the feedback issue.

I then tried the Phonak Naida’s III and V and waited until the IX came out to get them.

While the Naida’s work really well, I miss the “sound” of the Oticons and would be looking forward to trialing their new power aids when they out. However, if it doesn’t have the equivalent of the Phonak FM / iCom / BT capabilities, I wouldn’t be as interested…

Today annoucement talks about products, So i would suspect It will be also include the
Super power aids. This is a guess, given the cooperation -Dr Moore- had done with interacoustics and the popularity of Phonak Sound recover. I would suspect they would
do something about frequency transposition. There are rumors that the new instrument would in fact have an audiometer- So chances are the instrument might be able to
test for deadregions in situ (this would be cool)… Given the narrow bandwith of the Sumo, this is a good guess. If I have to make a guess it will be a rather small instrument at least 25 to 30% which will make a lot of people very very happy…

I also would have to agree their feedback canceler is below par, maybe they have licence or trade this from starkey… It will be insteresting to see.

Is this the one? It’s the “Epoq Power Series”

Only 68db gain, which is not really high power. Is there a stronger one on the way?

euha… this is october…