Oticon Sumo DM Super Power BTE Digital

Here is a question from one of our users:

What thing about SUMO DM - Oticon??

I need a super power hearing aid . . .

Do you know Sonnvation aids??

Any comment is welcome


Thank you for your question.

For profound hearing losses, the two best choices in my opinion are the Oticon Sumo DM or the Phonak Supero.

I personally like the Phonak Supero better, as I feel the feedback cancellation works very effectively and because you can also use the remote controls (handlheld or the watchpilot) to change programs, increase/decrease the volume and it can also all be accomplished w/out the remote.

Pricing should be similar between the two aids.

I would try to stick with one of these two, as they are readily available and have a very good track record. Some of the other power aids do not last very long and are hard to get servicing for.

Let us know how you do.

thank you…

right now I´m wearing a SUMO XP but I´ll upgrade it.

Do you know Transposition aids?? (Sonnovation)

In my case I´m a high frequency loser and I don´t know if this kind of aid work better than digital ones . . .


I agree with Admin on this one.

I would stick with the proven instruments, such as Phonak, Oticon or Siemens.

The only time I would consider the Sonnovation frequency transportation is if you absolutely have no hearing at 2-4K and have usuable hearing up to 2,000 hz.

If you post your most recent audiogram, we can take a look at that for you and make a better suggestion.

125 = 70
250 = 80
500 = 90
1000 = 100
2000 = 100
4000 = 100
8000 = 100


Next week I´m upfate my audiogram, if some change I´ll post it

Note: I´m not a english speaker … but I try it.


I still would recommend the same, the Phonak Supero, Oticon Sumo DM.

They are powerful enough to fit this hearing loss.

Does your audiogram show your speech discrimination score? It should be a percentaghe (%) on each ear?

No show my speech descrimination . . . next week I´m update my audiogram and post it in order to talk about it . . . tanks very much.


125 = 70
250 = 70
500 = 80
1000 = 100
2000 = 110
4000 = -
8000 = -
speech discrimination score = 60%

1000= -
2000= -
4000= -
8000= -
speech discrimination score = 20%

Do you know any Sonic Innovation broker in Mexico??



Although Sonic Innovations offers great products, none are strong enough for your hearing loss, especially on the right.

I would use the Phonak or the Oticon instead.

Looks like you got your hearing test updated also, which is good. Please be aware that the understanding of speech is much better on the left than the right.

Keep us updated of your progress!

The Siemens BTE’s may also have enough power also.

I agree w/ admin that the Sonics are not powerful enough.

please post ur comments