Oticon Sumo DM hearing aid's low battery warning status


My audiologist and I recently ordered a new Oticon Sumo DM BTE hearing aid, with a headband bone conduction and a BC462 oscilliator, about two months ago. After seeing my audiologist thrice with tedious setups, tweakings, testings, etc., I still do not hear and see my hearing aid making beeps and turning off its red light status when the battery power is low as shown in the user manual’s pages 12 and 20.

Even when my new digital hearing aid loses its power quickly (no degradation and weakness like my former analog 380P, E38P, etc. models did), its red light is still on! Is this normal? Did my audiologist and Oticon’s technical support missed an option in Genie software?

Thank you in advance. :slight_smile:

Driving the oscillator sucks huge amounts of energy. It’s likely that the cut out voltage of this unit is higher than that of the aid circuit, therefore it drops out before the aid circuit dies, hence the light is still on.

Put your hearing loss on here. You must have a heck of a loss to get no help from a Sumo.

So, it is not like Oticon’s analog models where the audio sounds different and weaker (e.g., squishy audio) when battery is weak? I was surprised to hear my digital model just drops everything without warnings even though its red light stayed on.

http://zimage.com/~ant/antfarm/about/HearingTestResults/ for my recent test results. FYI, I was born with multiple disabilities and my hearing loss is one/1 of them. :frowning:

No option for middle ear reconstruction, cochlear implant?

Nah, no more surgeries. I had too many of them since I was born with multiple issues. :frowning: I actually like being deaf sometimes like being in loud places to turn off my hearing aids. :wink:

Fair enough, BAHA would be the other thing that would get suggested in the UK as it’s minimally invasive and doesn’t leave a crater like the BC driver units, but I respect where you are coming from.

ant that’s an amazing audiogram.

I’d rather have a crater than have a surgery for an implant. At least I wouldn’t have anything showing like a hole like that BAHA hole thing. :wink:

It is? I know 2005 is all fancy, but 2015 was all simple (his test was short, but then he said I didn’t really need a test for my age since my hearing would be stable). Anyways, I am actually deaf in both ears but these hearing aids are mono. My audiologist told me that they don’t make stereo, directional, etc. for my types. :confused: