Oticon Streamer scrambled phone calls

I have an Oticon Streamer Pro 1.2 for use with my Oticon Ria2 Pros And iphone 7. Just wondering if others experience the same sort of glitches I’m experiencing with them.

Sometimes during a call, the other person’s voice gets scrambled so it sounds very robotic, not at all intelligible. It usually only happens for a few seconds, then comes good. No one I’ve called has complained that I sound the same.

This never happens when I’m streaming music to it.

Have you been back to your audiologist to see if there’s any firmware updates for your streamer?

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This almost sounds like a Bluetooth bandwidth issue.

I had the streamer pro and the Alta Pro aids, I never had that issue. But my firmware on my streamer pro was 1.3

I’m not sure if she updated it when I got it connected a year ago. The app says it’s on 3.0.1. Anyone know what the latest is?

Maybe something else interferring with it? I’m trying to think now if it only happens in certain places.

But if it never ever happens when streaming music, maybe that suggests it’s just a glitch.

I’ve emailed Oticon for advice.

This is what Oticon said: “We would recommend first forgetting the pairings on your Streamer Pro and then repairing these devices. If this does not resolve the issue, try pairing the Streamer Pro to another phone. If the problems did not reoccur this suggests the paired phone could be the cause rather than the Streamer. We would recommend if possible, to take the Streamer Pro to your hearing aid professional. They will be able to assist you troubleshoot these issues.”

I re-paired it, still getting the same problem occasionally. I can’t see how my audiologist could help. They’re not going to know any more about it than Oticon. I’m not in a position to try a different phone at the moment.

I feel I’m not going to get a solution unitl I can find a way to reproduce the problem. It only happens occasionally, and otherwise works fine.

It’s a frustrating kind of distortion, because when it’s happening, it’s silent in between the speaker’s words, but the words are “bubbly”. It sounds like they’re being digitised incorrectly.

It never ever happens when I’m playing music. I noticed last night that music drops out for a moment (less than a second) when I turn on certain light swiches in the house. Must be interference from the spark as the switch closes? I might try to do that while on a call.