Oticon Streamer ?'s

Ok, so i am waiting to get a paid of Oticon Vigo’s. I was planning on purchasing the tv, landline and tv connections for the additional $400 bucks.

however, I am still confused how this system works.

So if I wear the streamer (ipod nano looking thing) and i sync that with my bluetooth phone. When someone calls i push the button on the streamer, right? Then do i talk into the streamer or my phone? The sound goes right to my hearing aids only? does it block out other sounds around me during this time?

same question for the tv, when connected to the tv, does it block other sounds around me or will i still be able to hear people, etc? Even though I liked to be imersed into a good program, I still want to hear my son when he tried to sneak up on me :slight_smile:

You answer & end calls with the streamer. Short Press of phone button.
You talk into the Streamer,
Sound goes into the HAs.
The HA mics can be muted or left on (HA mic volume is reduced when left on). A long push of the volume button switches between muted HA mics or not muted. Mute does NOT mute the phone call. That can only be controlled by the phone. Mute is not muting your Streamer microphone that you are speaking into it is only muting the hearing aid mics so you don.t have to deal with surrounding noise like traffic on the street.

Same choices with TV or music mute unmute ha mics at will. Again, HA mic volume is reduced I can,t remember if that is adjustable by the AuD.

Volume up & down is controlled at the streamer not your phone, mp3 player or TV…

$400 is a good price if it includes the streamer. TV or phone solutions alone are $150 each (list) but I was told oticon is offering the 3 piece package at a discount.

Best part of the latest streamer firmware is that it can be paired & connected to 2 phones at the same time so you can be linked to both your cell and home or office phone (using only one at a time) I can stay linked to my personal cell and answer my office phone without switching my connections on & off.

Biggest problem is folks don;t know you are on the phone and think your just a crazy talking to yourself.

Most frequent complaint is that the folks on the other end of the call hear an echo or think your voice volume is too low. Holding the streamer closer to your mouth usually fixes the issue.

Additional Streamer functions are dependent on the features of the cell phone you are pairing with. With my iPhone, I can do last number redial and run the voice commands. (I could do that with my blackberry too). Also the streamer acts as a remote control for the HAs volume up/down or program shift up/down.

The oticon website has downloadable user manuals that can give you complete info…

When connected to a TV , cellphone or land line, is the audio then muted to people around you? So for example, if I have the device on and connectd to my tv, is the sound blocked out of the tv speakers and only going in my HA’s?

That depends on how you hook up.

I plugged the TV unit into the Audio Out on the back of my cable box. I have also in the past used the audio out of the TV. Neither connection "mutes the TV or Surround Sound speakers. If you hook up using a headphone jack port on the TV, it usually mutes the TV speakers.

You will also have the choice of using the Connectline TV unit’s included Microphone as your audio connection. The mic is placed on or near the TV speakers (I taped mine to the center speaker of the surround sound system) and plugged into the connectline unit. This has the advantage/disadvantage of also picking up other sounds in the room. The mic is very sensitive. This method is primarily used by folks that a. have no available audio outputs on their systems or b. WANT to also pick up the ambient room sounds (like your son sneaking up on you).

With phone calls the phone’s speaker is muted. Behavior is the same as if you were using any bluetooth handsfree device.

However, I can connect through my audio ports and get the sound directly to my HA’s. But i can select on my streamer if I want to solely get the sound from the TV and mute everything else, or i can have the TV at a reduced volume will hearing everything else?

If I go with the later of those 2, can i determine what that “lower” volume level is?

Once connected to you desired external source, you can then hold the up or down volume button for 2 seconds and it will mute the mic’s.