Oticon Streamer problem

I have had my Oticon Agile and the Streamer for about a year now and had no problems. Suddenly the last two days the Streamer has needed charging by 4 in the afternoon, it previously always run all day. Also its killing my iPhone battery at the same time. Do the Streamers go bad? It still works, but something has to be wrong somewhere. I have not made any changes that I know of that could cause this.
Any ideas?

The Streamer battery does go bad, someone a couple of weeks ago posted how to change it yourself without sending it back to Oticon, do a search for Oticon Streamer battery and I think it will come up. Another thing I did is buy a Ryobi TEK4 Portable Power Source from Home Depot and with it I can keep my Streamer charged when ever I need to and the TEK4 last up to 80 hours on a single charge.

I found the thread, it was under Digital Hearing Aids and the thread was Official Oticon Dual Thread and the post was dated 3/7/10 and was found on page 19.

There appear to be a couple of useful postings on that page. Here are links.

Battery pictures

How to take apart the streamer

Somebody asked where you would get ine of the batteries, but there was no response in that thread.