Oticon Streamer Problem and Changing Receivers

I have had my streamer for a week now and today I went back to my fitter to add a music program to my aids.

I have a mp3 player hooked up to a bluetooth transmitter and paired with my streamer. The problem is that the volume is too low for many of the songs that are in my mp3 player.

So a program #2 was created as a music program and the volume was moved up 6db. I then switched to program #2 and when I pressed the music button on the streamer to start the streaming it put the aids back into program #1. Everytime I pressed the music button long enough to start the streaming it put the aids back to program #1.

We tried switching to program #2 while the music was streaming, but that did not work and then I tried to switch to program #2 with the button on the back of my hearing aid and that also did not work.

Oticon is sending a new streamer and I was wondering if anyone using the Oticon streamer with multiple programs in their aids, has a similar problem.

I also had the receivers change from a #2M to a #3M and after the receivers were change over I hooked up my music player and the volume was a lot louder on the same song that I had a hard time hearing with the #2 receivers. This all happened before my aids were hooked up to the Genie software, so there were no changes to the aids other than the receivers.

I even noticed when driving home that the radio in my truck was louder and I was able to hear the turnsignal flasher, that I have not heard for ages.

I had too many other chores to do today, so I did not get a change to see if there is any difference to the volume level from the mp3 player while on my treadmill with the #3 receivers. I also mute the HA’s so I don’t amplify the noise from the treadmill.

Any input to either situation will be appreciated !

Well I started writing this post it was Thursday and now it is Friday, so “today” means Thursday. :slight_smile:

Are you sure its not a source problem? Like using another 3,5 jack, or another BT player (phone)?
Its sound to me there lie a problem. Try using 3,5 headphone jack somewhere, and try another phone with streamer.

I remember Samsung was louder than my nokia over BT, but both loud enough.

The #3 receiver might be sitting closer to your eardrum due to the length of the wire - or it’s No-wax is less blocked than the one on the #2. Or it has been ordered as a higher output receiver.

The volume of songs from a streamer is very difficult to judge with an open fit, there’s so much leakage of bass that the power needed is very different from the prescription delivery of other sounds in the room. The milder your low frequency loss, the more open the fit and the more leakage of sound occurs. You don’t experience the same problem with external speech as there is a summation of the naturally arriving speech and the amplified sound from the aid.

Hi Razno,

First, thanks for your input. Much appreciated.

There is no physical connection between my streamer and the music source. The mp3 player and the bluetooth transmitter are both velcrow’ed to my treadmill and everything is fully charged including the streamer.

This morning I took a good look at the #2 receivers with a jewlers eye loupe to make sure there is no wax build up at the speaker and it was clean as could be. Remember these receivers are only a week old.

Then I compared the #2 and #3 receivers and the length difference appears to be about 3mm or 1/8" and on the receivers I have, the length difference appears to be at the end that attaches to the aid.

I installed the #2 receivers and then went to my treadmill (while it was not turned on) and listened to a song (with the volume of the mp3 player set at max.) that was very low in recorded volume. It was hard to hear on the default volume setting of my aid. I also went out to my truck and used the turnsignals and it was difficult to hear the flasher.

Went back and installed the #3 receivers and went out to my truck and was able to hear the turnsignal flasher and then went to listen to the mp3 player and the music volume was somewhat louder, not as much as I first thought. I did not disturb the mp3 player between the test of the #2 and #3 receivers, I just paused the player.

Hi Um bongo,

Thanks for your reply. Much appreciated.

See my post above for some details about this situation.

Also, I checked all four receivers and they are all marked “M”, so in theory they should be similar in volume output. Granted my hearing is subjective.

In addition to differences in the mp3 player volume, I also noticed the noise from my heating system blower is noticably louder when I sit in the same chair and also the key press sound from the microwave is louder.

I’m not going to make a “federal case” out of what I perceive to be in the differences of the receivers volume.

Due to some unusual circumstances that I don’t want to go into, I paid for the #3 receivers and I was considering trying to get credit for the #2 receivers that I first assumed were defective. But without some lab test equiptment to support my findings, I have decided to just let it go as the cost was insignificant when looking at the total cost of the aids and streamer.

It sound like defective speaker. Don’t know if lenght of 3 mm can reduce it so drastically.
Also, depend what aid you have, you can test insitu audiometry and see if there is big difference between to speaker (same size - let audi test same size brand new one).