Oticon Streamer Pro

Oticon have announced a new Streamer Pro

As I seen in one of these papers the prototype of Stramer Pro was tested by real users. Who used this Streamer please tell us your opinion!

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Unfortunately, the new streamer once again produces a Mono signal. I really thought their new products would allow for a stereo signal. With all of their new technology stuffed into the Alta series, and an upgrade to the streamer, it’s a shame they didn’t trade up to stereo sound. I am a heavy streamer user, but do miss the seperation of signals in my music. I was going to buy the new Alta series, but now I’m having second thoughts about Oticon.

Let Oticon’s marketing people know how you feel. If they loose enough business because other manufacturers offer a stereo streamer they might come out with one.

Done…Thanks for the suggestion!


You would think that Oticon’s market research people would realize the obvious but sometimes they need to be hit in the head with a hammer.

I think that Mono signal made for best speech resolution and for normal work in airplanes when cable connected to one hole in armrest. But life sounds is 3D and stereo, and mono signal kills most sound features in movies and music. I don’t know why Oticon made its own choice for us - we must have our own ability of switching for mono or stereo!

I don’t know if they send out surveys to people who have purchased their aids, but they should. With us Boomers all losing our hearing and needing aids, this could be a very important feature to offer. I really don’t know why their slogan is “People First”. They won’t even speak to us…we have to do everything through our dispenser.

I always thought their slogan should have been “Audiologist first, people we need them, but we don’t want anything to do with them.” I know what your saying about them not speaking to you, customer service at Oticon is non existant.

I also have a claim to them because my very modern Chilis SP 9 have antediluvian volume control wheels without any sync and weak feedback control. “People first” - who are these people? Soren Nielsen and his friends?

As I seen from new photos and movies from Oticon site, the new streamer Pro maybe have a defect in left neckloop connector which slanted to central button side.

I have a streamer pro 1.3a and experiencing crackling and low volume in my right hearing aid, which my audiologist is unable to resolve and advised me to send the streamer in for repair. I have read that the streamer has mono output. Does this mean that it outputs one channel to both ears?