Oticon Streamer Pro 1.3- Sound loss

I use Oticon Streamer Pro 1.3 (for the past 3 years). I use it mainly for answering my cellphone calls. Recently there is no more sound received on my righ hand, but the left is working. I feel so miserable as I entirely rely on my streamer for calls. What should I do to?

Have you tried a new neck cord?

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Yes, I changed a neck cord to a brand new one, still the same.

I know my old hearing aid (Phonak’s not Oticon’s) stopped working with my ComPilot and it turned out to be the issue with the hearing aid and not the actual ComPilot.

Are you able to visit your audiologist?

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Thank you for sharing your experience. I have made an appointment for next week. I am sure they will be able to assist. I will share the outcome. Thanks again.

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I use Oticon OPN1s with an iPhone 6 Plus running iOS 12.4.8. I have been experiencing similar problem. Since you don’t mention your phone model, it could be a factor. Obviously, I am not using the streamer. If this is not relevant, pardon my interjecting in your thread.

It is so annoying only having one aid working during a phone call. Good luck.

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Thank you so much for your input. I use Samsung Android phone and I have always been using the same model since I had my streamer. I am taking it for repairs it could be the device fault.

Thanks again.

I have OPN S 1 aids along with an iPhone 6+ running 12.4,8. On occasion I get the single ear only mode during phone calls (either incoming or outgoing). When I had OPN 1 aids and an older version of iOS, my provider suggested that I turn off all apps on the phone and power the phone off and then back on if that happened. She also suggested doing that once a day (reminded me of the old versions of Windows like 3.1). That has always restored communication to both hearing aids. It happens less with the newer aids and more recent iOS but still happens intermittently. So I try to clean up the phone shortly after waking and before powering on my aids and then I rarely have the issue. One hint that things aren’t right is to change programs using the ON app and if the tones from the two aids aren’t in sync, then a phone call might go to only one ear.

Sometimes it seems that neither Oticon nor Apple wants to own issues so it takes way too long for fixes to happen. I realize my phone is ancient but I don’t need all the latest in bells and whistles, just for older features to work reliably. I’d prefer to wait until Bluetooth 5.2 becomes available to update to a newer phone :slight_smile: However, that may introduce more bugs than fixes, especially at first.

Unfortunately, when answering an incoming call in a noisy environment, it is inconvenient to have to power cycle the phone. Let’s be honest. This should just work. For any hearing aid and phone manufacturer to not have smooth bluetooth operation is unacceptable. This is mainstream technology, not some cutting edge untested feature.

The fact that this issue has not been addressed does not encourage future upgrade purchases. I know that my lack of upgrading will not have any impact on Oticon’s or Apple’s bottom line. Hopefully it will enable me to find an acceptable alternative when I move forward when making a purchase decision.