Oticon Streamer Pro 1.2

Oticon, Inc. Launches Upgraded Streamer Pro 1.2 at 2014 AudiologyNOW!

Connects to iPhone®, iPad® and iPod touch® via new Oticon ConnectLine App

COPENHAGEN, DK March 26 – Oticon today announced a newly upgraded Streamer Pro 1.2 that will enable hearing instrument users to more effectively participate in many everyday activities from making phone calls to watching TV. The small and discreet Streamer Pro 1.2 is worn around the neck and acts as intermediary device to connect Bluetooth™-enabled devices to Oticon hearing instruments. Streamer Pro 1.2 can now also connect to iPhone®, iPad® and iPod touch® via the Oticon ConnectLine App that will be introduced at 2014 AudiologyNOW!. The new connectivity solution will be available to existing and future users of Oticon wireless hearing instruments across the price spectrum, including an installed base of approximately two million current users.

“The launch of our updated Streamer Pro 1.2 will immediately benefit millions of hearing device users who will experience a new level of convenience and discreetness,” says Soren Nielsen, President, Oticon A/S. “Our simple, intuitive functionality gives Oticon hearing instrument wearers the ability to connect to iPhone, iPad and iPod touch via Streamer Pro without compromising sound quality.”

When the Streamer Pro 1.2 is paired with the ConnectLine App, it provides intuitive functionality that enables users to switch to a variety of input sources with just their fingertips. Volume can be adjusted individually for each source, in advance or in the moment. Users can move seamlessly from making phone and FaceTime calls to listening to music. They can also connect to the entire integrated ConnectLine system including ConnectLine TV, Phone Adapters and Microphone.

The free, downloadable ConnectLine App allows users to clearly see what hearing program they are using. Program names can be personalized so that they are easily identified such as restaurant, office, sports and more. Users can also take advantage of a number of custom options not previously available including last number dialed, reject call and voice dial as well as set specific functions such as designating ringtones to identify specific callers. The new connectivity solution delivers audiological features including true binaural signal processing and low power consumption.

For more information about the new Streamer Pro 1.2, the ConnectLine App and the entire ConnectLine system, visit oticonusa.com.

Is it a software update or new hardware? I have Iphone 4S with installed ConnectLine app, and my Streamer Pro 1.1 cannot be visible by this app.

Updated 4/3/2014: The Streamer Pro 1.1 firmware can be upgraded to 1.2, but only the Streamer Pro 1.2 App is compatible with the ConnectLine app. It contains a new chip inside. Here in the U.S., if your old streamer is still under warranty, your audi can return it for full credit and then get an $80 discount off the new streamer. If it’s out of warranty, it’s a $40 discount.

Has anyone heard of when the pro 1.2 will be available? I was going to call my Audi on Monday to see if I can get be ordered.

Yeah… our Oticon agency in Moscow have confirmed me that the Streamer Pro 1.2 App is a new hardware which differs from Streamer Pro 1.1 only by the ConnectLine App for iPhone support (and nothing other!). It’s a really oddity if we must buy new and new streamers for each new function! I’m very disappointed, and now I will follow for next Resound superpower HA with wireless capabilities (Resound Saxo?).

It is a new streamer v1.2. I have a V !.1 that is only two weeks old and I need to physically swap it n/c. The 1.2s are starting to ship this week and also have a more sensitive phone mic to allow them to be worn discreetly. You can use the iphone app instead of the streamer buttons. I am not aware of the details of an upgrade program for older units.

Do you think it is a normal situation - you must buy a new streamer only for one new function - using this through iPhone? I bought Streamer Pro only because it have an A2DP notifications feature. And do you know that Streamer Pro 1.2 App cannot receive any information from hearing aids and show it at iPhone screen - you can only press pictures at iPhone screen and you cannot even know which program turned on in your hearing aids? IMHO it is a very bad idea (particularly in comparison with Resound Phone Clip+ and, hovewer, any Made for iPhone hearing aids).

I was also sent a 1.1 from Oticon. Looks like they were trying to clear some of their stock. That was sent back in by my great Audi, and she got me the 1.2 today. I just got home so it will be interesting to see how it works. Reading the manuals now.

Looks like Oticon trying to deceive us. Streamer Pro 1.2 App looks absolutely same as Streamer Pro 1.1, but these are different inside (outside difference is only iPhone App support). I anticipate that it will be more of confusion because these two streamers looks too same.