Oticon Streamer neck loop

Broke my short neck loop today on my Oticon streamer. Is there anywhere you can order these and buy online? Kinda hard to get to my audiologist as they are over an hour away.

If it didn’t come completely apart you can pinch the 2 ends together and hit each end at the plastic junction with super glue and it will get you by until you can get it replaced. If you have a Costco nearby go in and see if they have a neck loop for the Soundgate, it’s identical to the Streamer’s.

I already fixed the long one with super glue, but the short one broke completely in two and I like the short one a lot better. No Costco anywhere around here that I know of.

Have you tried calling your audiologist? I would assume they would be happy to sell you one and mail it out to you

Also pick up an extra for just such an event. I always have a spare handy. :slight_smile:

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Hi, I losse my short neck on my Oticon streamer too. I can buy this on the internet only. Any page please.

Tennessee Valley Audiology Group sells it though the internet. I believe it’s under TVA hearing aid supplies if you Google it.

They have several “neck straps” on their page here.