Oticon Streamer flashing blue light

How do I get the flashing blue light (Bluetooth connect button) to stop flashing?

Oh, I got it. Press and hold gets rid of it.
My manual is in a foreign language.

LOL, that’s as bad as it being written by someone for whom English isn’t even a 2nd language :slight_smile:

Can you download an English version?

Oh yeah, I guess I could download it.

Press & Hold is turning the BT Connection On & Off…
Extra Extra Long press puts it into pairing mode.

The blinking Blue light (with latest Streamer firmware) should blink for a while & then go into “sleep” mode. However, if you are streaming music the blue light continues to blink until you stop streaming.

When you linked the streamer to the aids at the end fitting screen, did the “Read Serial Number” work or did you have to manually enter the streamer serial number?

I had to manually enter the serial number into Genie. The “Read Serial Number” button was grayed out.

Oh-oh, I bought a streamer on eBay (anticipating buying a used Eqoq XW RITE some day) but there’s no serial number on it. Does your streamer have a S/N on it? Thanks

Look under the clamp for neck strap. Pull back on the sides of that clamp and it should pop off revealing the S/N.

Danger Will Robinson!:slight_smile:

There was a manufacturing/labelling glitch on some of the early streamer batches, which meant that the serial # on the outside wasn’t the serial # on the inside.

Depending on which Genie you are running, it’ll pair the right one for you, however if you manually override the number with the errant case number it won’t work any more.

If Genie needs to read the s/n then I believe your PC needs to have Bluetooth built-in or you need to install a Bluetooth dongle in order to connect wireless to Streamer.

Shouldn’t that big robot be posted in the analog section? It’s too big to be digital. :slight_smile:

Sorry yes - As I have the Ezurio dongle running all the time, I forgot that not everybody would be running an active Bluetooth connection.