Oticon Streamer Firware Update Available?

Multi-Part Question…

Can anyone say if a Firmware Update has been made available for the Streamer? Also what functionality it would include resident to the Streamer (as opposed to the Connectline Add-ons)

Re: The Oticon website states that the new Connectline Add-ons can handle 2 cell phones and 2 audio sources.

It also says that there is new capability in the Streamer to Mute Mics not associated with actively playing Audio on on a call AND that new firmware can set the Blinking lights to a temporary showing as opposed to always on.

They do not however, say if all that function is backward compatible to existing Streamers.

Nor do they say if the 2 phone capability is built into the Streamer Firmware or the Connectline Hardware/Firmware.

Finally, have any of you Pros recieved or tested the Connectline Add-ons? I am especially interested in the Phone unit but my AuD has no info and I cannot determine what the MSRP (mfr suggested list price $$) might be.

Thanks in advance for any info.

I believe you use a computer program to upgrade the streamer, I think you need to send it back

Thanks for your help.

So there is an update?

Do you know if it provides(resident to the Streamer, not in the Connectline Units):
the 2 phone capability
Long Press of Volume Button Mutes mics
and the lights off functions in the Streamer?