Oticon Streamer - Bluetooth issues

So I got a pair of Oticon Dual’s last year and opted to get the streamer as well. I had only got the streamer with the intention of listening to music through my hearing aids at work. It works perfectly when I plug it into my mp3 player using the included audio cable. But when I try to use bluetooth it will only work for a few minutes before it stops. The device will stay connected via bluetooth but the music button on the streamer will stop flashing and I have to press it to start the music up again. Is there something I am doing wrong or why does the streamer keep shutting itself off like that? It will work perfectly with no issues for the few minutes that it lasts before it decides to shut off again. And all I have to do is press the Music button on the streamer and press play on my phone and it’ll work again for another couple of minutes.

I have noticed the same with my duals and the streamer. The streamer will stay connected for hrs on end with my cell phone; I know I have a friend that calls me as he is driving home and we will talk for the hour it takes hime to get home. But the bluetooth connection to my mp3 player will stop or will fade in and out in just mins.

get the 1.2 firmware

I have the 1.2 firmware.

Is it possible to upgrade the firmware myself? Or do I need to go to my audiologist? Is there any way of telling which firmware version I currently have?

It is my understanding the audi has to do it; unless you have the software and cables to connect to the hearing aids and streamer

Did you ever figure this out? I’m having the same problem with the streamer and the oticon agil miniRITEs I’m testing out. Worked flawlessly for a few days, but now keeps cutting out every few minutes on both the tv and iphone (listening to music). I have the 1.2 firmware - does the 1.3 solve anything?

i heard it resolve some issues with smartphones, the 1.3 upgrade can be done
at your audi office it takes 25 minutes, remember you need to repair everything

I have the 1.3 upgrade. Once I figured out that a long press of the music button connects to a secondary audio source, it has been working pretty well. I keep my iPod in a pocket of my backpack. When I’m walking down the street with my backpack over my shoulder, sometimes the music cuts out for a second or two. I tried turning off the wi-fi because I read that it can interfere with Bluetooth. That didn’t seem to solve the problem though. Is it a common thing for the Bluetooth to cut out periodically? I don’t have the problem of losing the connection and needing to press the music button again.

My problem is a little different. If I am listening to music and it gets noisy at all I can’t hear the music. I have the 1.3 firmware and it did not improve this at all. any suggestions.

You can turn the mics off on the aids by holding the up arrow on the streamer while listen to the music

In genie 2010.1 - you can set how much M in relation to the music.
this takes 10 seconds

Yes but how do I get the Genie software and a cable to hack my Streamer/Epoqs. Do you know of any settings in the Genie software to control the mic volume of the streamer when using the phone-function?

The AuD should be able to change the default volume reduction of the mics during streaming. (Mic volume is automatically reduced during phone calls & streaming).

The other choice is to mute the mics when in a noisy environment by a long press of the volume up button.

look for artone…