Oticon Streamer Battery

Has anyone found a replacement battery for the Oticon Streamer old style. I came across the information last year but I am unable to locate it on the web. The unit is very easy to take apart and the battery has a small lead that connects to the streamer. Thanks for any help.

I found one last year on line by doing a search for the lithium battery and found one for $3.64 but I had to reuse the plug on the Oticon battery. However, I can’t find the info right now but will keep looking and let you know where I bought it.

seb, thanks for looking, I found a thread that was posted around 3-14-10 on this site, good information, but no source for battery. The connector looks very close to the speaker connector used for the Motorola CDM series radios, I’ll check out. I ordered one of the new Streamer Pros today, they are way over priced but I can’t live without the hands free phone feature.

I was told the old Streamer price might come down since the new one is out. Just have to find someone who will wheel and deal on the old one. What price where you told for the new Streamer? I was quoted $450 which I thought was to much.

350.00 + tax, I’m not too happy with the price either. I have two of the first generation units, one came wth my Agil Pros and the other one came from Craigs List, new unit from Canada for $75. I was in an area yesterday where phone service was not very good and I thought the streamer was the main problem. The green battery light flashes when charging but does not turn solid green when fully charged like it used to. Other then the battery indicator, they appear to be working ok.

I might of been tempted at $350 but not at $450. I too have two of the older units, but one has something wrong in the charging circuit and Oticon wanted $200 to fix it, so it now sits in the drawer.

Just looked on Ebay and there are several of the new Streamers for sale at $229.

amazon has lots of small L I batteries. Search for voltage, rating.

Voltage and size of the battery are critical. With how easy it is to open the case and remove the battery I don’t know why Oticon doesn’t just sell a replacement battery for say $20 and let you replace it yourself? Oh I forgot it’s another way they can stick it to us. The hearing aids are listed as a medical device but I don’t think the Streamer is.