Oticon Streamer as remote

After reading about the audio quality of the streamer I thought I would pick up a streamer when I got fitted last week.

Here is my thoughts for anyone who wants to know:

Pairing it with my iPhone 4 & MacBookPro was pretty easy.

The range SUCKS! I thought I could stuff it in my pocket for streaming audio from both devices rather covertly. Instead I find that I must wear the neckstrap for it to work. Even if I don’t intend to use the microphone.

The connection is too unusable if the necktrap is NOT used. It doesn’t matter if the devices are right next to each other.
But that is OK because the sound quality… Is very quiet! It sounds like there is no amplification. It is too quiet for music but very acceptable for audiobooks.

So far the best thing about the device is the volume control. I love the volume control! I can lower the volume to turn down the crying babies in the house. For this alone the device is worth some money (but I don’t think I’d pay full price for one).

I hope Oticon is planning on a better streamer with more power and less reliance on the neckstrap antenna.

I pretty much share your feelings about the streamer. Expensive piece of equipment for it’s performance, HOWEVER, without it I would not be able to competently use the telephone. I just picked up my remote Mic yesterday, expensive for what it is but fantastic for what it does.

I leave my streamer under my shirt most of the time and either use a lapel mic or pull it out when I have a call.

Hi Sideborg,

Not that it makes any difference, but I don’t think the neckstrap on the Oticon Streamer is an antenna. Unfortunately, the streamer and the hearing aids communicate thru fm signals and the connect range is about 18".

I have used my streamer without the neckstrap and placed the streamer in a tee shirt pocket while on my treadmill and it works fine.

The neck strap is in fact an antenna, although the Streamer will work without it, it won’t work as well. If you google Oticon Streamer you will find their Connectline help section which is under their professionals section it will answer most questions regarding the Streamer and its operation.

Streamer ability to work without antenna isnt that bad. I would like phonak had something like that.
I must wear compilot all the time to be able to answer to phone. Its antenna must be in place, so there is no way to put it in the pocket. You can, but antenna connectors would not last long.

While oticon have great feature you gould have it in every pocket without antenna, if phone ring you just talk to it close to your mouth. Like using a microphone.


You are absolutely correct about the antenna, my bad!!

So I tried the streamer with and without the neck strap while streaming music and I was unable to notice a difference, but I imagine the neck strap will increase the range of either the bluetooth or fm signals.

without neckloop streamer would cut sound if you move your head left or right. It greatly depent where you hold it.