Oticon streamer and computer bluetooth

I can’t seem to get my pc running vista to transmit sound via streamer to my hearing aids. The bluetooth recognizes the streamer, it’s connecting with my hearing aids (I hear the beeps), but computer audio won’t playback in my aids. I’ve changed the Vista default playback setting from computer speakers to bluetooth headphones by going to control panel, sound, playback (an instruction that Oticon unhelpfully does not give consumers, so takes some investigation). I’m wondering if the problem is that this playback setting is recognizing generic headphones but instead needs to recognize the streamer specifically? When I turn on the computer’s bluetooth it recognizes the device specifically as “streamer 1.2”. But then when I go to the control panel, sound, to change the audio playback default, I can only select two options, computer speakers or bluetooth headphone. Anything I should try?

I wish Oticon provided more direct instructions for pc use. I do most of my audio, video, (and I was hoping to do phone) on computer; haven’t used the TV adapter, though it came as a package deal it’s kind of a waste for me. I wish Oticon paid better attention to those of us who use computers! In general, my experience with the streamer has been very frustrating, due to lack of direct instructions, and I’m a fairly tech-savvy person.

Hi, I just got my Oticon Agils yesterday. I figured out my phones and TV right away, but today I tackle my laptop. Mine is a Mac & my iPod, but it shouldn’t make a difference to the streamer.

If I have any success or figure anything out, I’ll let you know!

I normally connect to my Streamer to the PC (IBM) using the Audio Cord that came with the Streamer - plugging one end into the laptop’s headphone socket, and the other end into the bottom of the Streamer. This works well for me. Sometimes I use the TV Adapter (pluged into the Laptop).
Have you looked at the Oticon Support Site: http://www.oticon.com/Professionals/Our%20Products/ConnectLine/Support.aspx

The Bluetooth Drivers on the cpu should give you 2 profile choices for the streamer. Audio Profile (A2DP) for listening to the CPU sounds Music or video OR as a phone Profile for use as phone headset.

Be sure you have the correct profile chosen for what you want to do.

I had my streamer set up for use with the office CPU, but did not care for it much. If the computer is running a heavy load of concurrent apps, it will cut in & out as audio output does not have a high priority.

Overall, it was easier & more consistant to use a wired connection when at the computer and had the additional advantage of not draining my streamer battery.

Ditto with the Phonak iCom, and a very good point to make about the sound quality. The cutting in and out is NOT a problem with the Bluetooth device per se. When the CPU is given tasks to perform, it will assign priorities to those tasks. The Blue-tooth sound transmission will get its slice of time, but will have to share time with other tasks … in effect, resulting in the cutting in and out or lower quality sound.