Oticon Streamer and Apple iMac

My partner has just obtained new hearing aids and an Oticon Streamer device. The streamer works wonderfully using BlueTooth with his iPhone and with his desk phone (a Cisco 9971), and via an audio cable for the TV etc. Setting all of that up was really easy.

However, we’re having no luck getting it to work with his iMac. Since he uses that with a TV card a lot, we’d really like to get it talking BlueTooth to the streamer. We can pair the device OK (it shows up on the iMac as “Streamer 1.4”), but when we try to select “Use as audio device” an error comes up: “A bluetooth audio error occurred”. Sometimes that pops up immediately, sometimes a few seconds later, but it always comes up.

Oticon say this should work, and there must be a problem on the iMac side. Apple tech support (on the phone) said it should work, and there must be a problem on the Streamer side but suggested taking the device in to an apple store to see if the techies on their “genius bar” could get it working. We did, and their “genius” couldn’t get it to work whatever he tried. He suggested it could perhaps be a problem with OSX “Lion” (latest update to Mac operating system). Back at home we tried pairing the streamer with a different Mac, a Mac Mini that hasn’t yet been upgraded to Lion, and the behaviour under OSX “Snow Leopard” is the same.

Has anybody sucesfully used the Oticon Streamer with an Apple iMac? Or investigated it thoroughly and decided it’s not going to be possible?

Advice or pointers would be very much appreciated! Thanks! :slight_smile:

I had the same problem, however I finally got it to work but it was so intermittent (cutting in and out on Bluetooth mode)I went back to using the cable that came with the streamer.

suggest going to the Apple discussion group:


and posting. They are usually way ahead of the curve…

Add another to the list. I had no problem with pairing the devices, but the Bluetooth connections between the iMac and Streamer are sporadic and unpredictable. Often when there is a connection (you can see it in “Bluetooth Preferences”), no sound is being transmitted. The “Sounds Preferences” screen will show the output to the Streamer (and computer speakers will turn off) but it’s not coming through.

It’s easier and a lot less frustrating to use the cable that comes with the streamer.

My streamer 1.4 connects with my iMac well. Its a late 06 running OSX 10.6.8 .
No problems but… it streams from my desktop in mono not stereo. Although there is a option for bluetooth stereo but it does not work. Have not researched the reason why.
There are a lot of 1.3 firmware streamers out there without the latest update.

I sympathize completely! I have the Oticon Spirit Zest HAs (the UK NHS model) which work great for my cookie bite hearing loss. I have the streamer 1.4 also. It pairs with my Orange San Francisco cell phone (ZTE Blade) but won’t stream media only calls. Orange suggested the phone needed its bluetooth updating so I’m thinking of rooting my phone to see if I can do that.

However, my greatest difficulty is with my MacBook Pro. I can do the initial pairing then it loses the connection and I get the error messages that people talk about. If I disconnect my streamer from the mac and unpair it, then I get incessant messages asking to pair.

The apple boards suggest it is a Lion OS problem. They further suggest that Apple doesn’t much care about hard of hearing and deaf people. I am beginning to wonder about this as Apple doesn’t appear to be doing anything about the problem.

If anyone has a solution I’d be truly grateful. I think I’ve tried everything that’s been suggested around. (See https://discussions.apple.com/thread/3200456?start=60&tstart=0)

The easiest solution is to just use the cable that came with the Streamer and plug it into the audio jack on the Mac and then into the bottom of the Streamer.

If you are using your iMac for just media/music/facetime/shype whatever at home, just use high quality headphones wired into the jack. Why wear and tear your expensive hearing aids for such things.

I look at it as weather I listen though my Streamer and hearing aids or with headphones and HA I’m using my HA, so why not just use the Streamer and the cable?

I have a different problem. I don’t want my opticon to connect to my imac, but I do want it on my iphone. It works great on my iphone. I wish it would stop trying to work on my imac. The opticon software is 1.4. My mac is running Lion and my iphone is running 5.0 software for iphone 4s. Does anyone have a fix for this?

I think you can go into the imac and turn off the Bluetooth.

I would except my keyboard and mouse are bluetooth. I wish they would make a iPhone APP.


Streamer dont have stereo sound. it can feed both aids with only one channel.
Only trouble is if you dont get mixed (blended) left and right channel.

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