Oticon Streamer 1.4 battery replacement

Hi All,
My streamer battery started acting up on me. it can only hold a charge for 2 or so hours of streaming use. I know there were threads a few years ago about how to open the streamer but I never actually saw a post with a replacement battery that anybody actually used.
Does anybody have a link or a name of a replacement battery that can be used?
the info i got so far is:
battery size is 56,6 x 21,5 x 4 mm
450mAh and 1.7WH

I am not worried about soldering if needed



I was one of those who replaced my battery with one that I found online, unfortunately my problem was not the battery,but the Streamer had a problem with the charging circuitry and would not recharge a battery. I have looked and can’t find the site where I bought the battery but I do remember it cost $3.11 and with shipping was less than $10. The Streamers use 3.7 volt 450mAh batteries and are the size you stated. Another way to get a replacement battery is to purchase a used Streamer on line and take the battery out of it and put it into yours, I have bought them anywhere from $45-$75. It sure beats the $200 Oticon wants to replace the battery and you end up with a spare charger, neck loop, etc…

Thanks for the info. I tried looking for batteries in this size or smaller but had no luck, i guess in need to keep looking. i think my charger is ok since i still get 1-2 hours from every charge. I tired out the streamer Pro but I think it was released pre mature and has a lot of bugs they need to work out first. I told myself i will test it again after their first FW upgrade.
Thanks again and would love to hear if someone has a link to a site with a good battery replacement

Hi, I’m looking for a battery too. apparently the number on it corresponds to the size 442258. 4.4mm x 22 mm x 58mm. which apparently is a special manufacture size. the maximum size that will physically fit inside the streamer 4.5mm x 22.75mm x 58.61mm. There is a 402050 battery that is a bit smaller that stock, with the same rating, or a 382250, a little smaller, but actually higher capacity 50ma stated. but both I can only seen to find in bulk from china. Bear in mind before you order something on my advice, I haven’t tried it yet.

Matty, did you ever figure out a replacement?
If you can solder, I know what you need. I replaced mine without a hitch. 2x the capacity. Message me if you want the info…

Hi Wolf I can’t send private messages yet and I am short on time as I write this.

Go to Amazon dot com and search for the ipod nano battery. It fits. Even though it is shorter - it has twice the amp hours. Same voltage, of course. ignore the 3rd wire and solder the positive and negative wires to the streamer pig tail. The battery comes with tools for opening the case.

Next time I have to change my battery I am searching for even more amp hours. Even if I have to mod the case for a thicker battery. But that’s the way I roll.

ALSO, I am seriously thinking of installing an OFF SWITCH in the positive wire from the battery. Something Oticon jolly well should have installed in the original design. Think of it - controlling the power to an as needed basis would extend battery life greatly.


Thanks for the posting a supply for the Streamer battery. Several years ago, I found a replacement battery online and replaced the bad battery in my Streamer but when I tried to get another one the company I purchased it from no longer stocked the battery. I also think Oticon missed the boat by not putting an off switch on the Streamer. As for extending the life of the units battery I have used the Ryobi portable power source as a back up when I get the red light of impending death to keep the Streamer up and running until I can recharge it. The Ryobi PPS is no longer carried at Home Depot but can be special ordered from them.

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Thank you incius! The Oticon Streamer is the same as the Bernafon Soundgate, and my Soundgate battery is dead. Costco wants $190 to replace it. When it is time to replace this hearing aid, I will not look at either brand again. Time for me to start looking for the ipod nano battery you noted. Thanks again.
Regards, Andrew

Heva just suceeded changing battery. Oticon refused supplying spare so I had to solve it myself.

Step 1. Ipod 5 battery has the same spec as the original Oticon battery and can be contained in the battery compartment. Hve bought it on the Internet.
step 2. open the Oticon streemer 1.4. Quite simple, just use your thumb Nails. No tooling is needed. Just be careful.
Step 3. remove original battery by carefully disconnect the soccet.
step 4. Cut terminals from the battery to reuse the connector to the Streemer.
step 5. Cut the long connector on the Ipod battery to fit cennection. Much to work with!
Step 6. Peel plastic covered flat Connection line on the back side. Leave the thin lines unused. Sold original connector lines to Ipod line. Be sure to the correct polarity.
Step 7. Reassemble. Test funktionality. Settings to hearing aids will not be lost.

Good luck! Questions via mail will be answered

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I will try next, thank a lot.

I found an almost exact replacement for the battery and it cost $5 and free shipping not oticon’s rip off price. you will have to cut the plug off the old battery and solder it to the new one. Battery # 042050 3.7V lithium polymer battery 402050 MP3 MP4 MP5 small stereo small toys. follow the link below.


I just installed it and it works fine. I also ordered an extra battery just incase I cant find it again. Good Luck. I will try to answer questions via e-mail

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Hello, would you please tell me which iPod battery I need iPod 5 touch…iPod nano 5 or iPod video
thank you very much

I have an Oticon Streamer 1.4 laying around doing nothing. I got it 2nd hand to try to make it work with a Bernafon Chronos. Didn’t work. After a month or two of doing nothing on my desk the buttons still lit up, when I pressed them. So the battery is still great. I paid 35€ for it. So if someone still wants it, your welcome for 35€+postal costs.

Really good question. I have a [Oticon Streamer 1.1, and need to replace the battery. I’ve seen posts mentioning various iPod Nano and iPOD 5 batteries, but none of them are specific enough to be helpful. When i pop the lid on my streamer, I see 520mAh - and the only voltage mentioned is 5v, raqther than 3.7.

(Oticon, hear this: There is NO way I will pay your price for replacing my Streamer Pro battery. That’s highway robbery as far as I’m concerned.)

Does anyone have correct voltage information for the Steamer Pro 1.1?](http://www.hearingaidforums.com/showthread.php?15897-Oticon-Streamer-1-4-battery-replacement)

I’ve got three Streamers: Two 1.2’s and one 1.4 and all of them have a 3.7volt, 1.6 Wh battery in them.

Thanks - that’s been my understanding. I’m confused about the INPUT 5V reference, I guess.

Does this look like the right battery?

Only 400mAh but cheaper.


Finally, this one even mentions the Streamer.

Finally found the exact battery needed for the Oticon Streamer Pro thats exactly the same as the original for a fraction of the price Oticon charge