Oticon Spirit Synergy Hearing Aids with Bass, double vent domes: Problems

For the last 3 years I’ve worn Oticon Spirit Zest HAs. The NHS upgraded me this week to Oticon Spirit Synergy HAs. These are speaker type 85 RITE models. My hearing loss is a typical cookie bite loss with now some age-related loss in the higher frequencies.

The audiologist, using Oticon’s Genie software, said I couldn’t use the Oticon Corda open domes any more and I had to switch to a more closed dome, the bass, double vent one. I’m on my second day of these. They are a tighter fit than the open domes and also occlude more so I’m hearing my voice more inside than outside, if you gather my meaning.

I am thinking of switching back to the open domes because they occlude less and are more comfortable. Anyone recommend in favour or against this? I imagine objectively the audi is right, but subjectively I’m not sure if the “gain” is any better than before.

Thanks, John

I’m finding the bass, double vent domes less and less attractive. I’ve just eaten lunch with them. The sound of my chewing and eating in my head was close to drowning out the radio I was listening to. I have now switched these domes to open ones–more comfortable and less intrusive in my head.

if you’re happy, you’re happy… one day seems kind of quick to decide there’s a problem with the domes and hearing your own voice which is an easy adjustment. the software to be correct needs to know what domes you are using when it configures your aids. you might consider get custom molds and having another run at getting them programmed.

an audio-gram would help