Oticon Seems to Rack Up Awards

along with Phonak Marvel. Of course that doesn’t necessarily mean you will hear better with either aid, but both HA manufacturers seem to getting more (media) attention then others.

That’s nice but what does it really mean for the individual user.

I wear the Oticon OPN1 ITE hearing aids and they really sound great. But Oticon seems to have some issues with the connectivity with the connect clip. I have been wearing Oticon aids for about 10 years and I have had a few failures, but it seems with the latest versions they have had more issues than before.
Now I get my aids from the VA so I have always gotten great service as for as repairs and turn around times.

It’s a marketing thing… Those who chase the awards tend to have more of them. It’s applying, paying entry fees, etc. Some companies go harder after those than others, and some awards mean more than others. I wish I knew which ones actually meant something.


I have never thought too much about the awards, to me all it is, is saying look at me how great I am. I have never been into that.

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I sometimes think about giving out awards for best rated hearing aids on Hearing Tracker, but then, I felt it would be misleading without a lot more reviews. Unfortunately, getting hearing aid reviews is just hard work.


This forum has been a great resource for anyone interested in hearing aids.
Most of us were clueless when we needed our first hearing aids. I know I was. After reading in this forum most of us can head into getting hearing aids in a smart fashion knowing what’s out there and what to expect.


I just wished I had either found this when I was first thinking about aids, or maybe it wasn’t even on line then I am not sure.


I would need to ask the original owner of the hearingaidforums site. I can ask him, he’s a friend. I think it started around 10-15 years ago.

I joined the site back in 2010 and have been in an out of the site ever since.

I have noticed members start date as far back as 07.


I found and joined the site March 31, 2010.

Just looked it up, the oldest member is 14 years ago. The first admin… so sometime around 06/07.


I joined in Jan. 2007.
I get an award ? ???


I got my first hearing aids late summer of 2018. I am incredibly indebted to this site, the good job you do running it, and to the generous folks who help me learn about hearing loss and hearing aids.

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As far as I’m concerned, if you’ve been here since 2007 and the site has been helpful to you and you have been helpful to others then you get my admiration. Is that an award?

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