Oticon Safari 300 vs. 900 for a 2,5 year old


I´m new in this forum (and not used in writing in english-speaking forums).
My 2, 5year old daughter Rebecca has a moderate to severe hearing loss.
We tested some hearing aids (Phonak, Oticon Vigo, Oticon Safari) and will buy an Oticon Safari.
My question is if it is really useful to buy the Safari 900. Or would a Safari 300 be enough?
What are the advantages of the bineural processing?
And is there an advantage in the higher band-width?

I read some older threads on these questions and noticed, that bineural processing results in a better understanding in noisy surroundings.
Probably, Rebecca will get a FM system (Amigo, I don´t know if it is called FM system in english :confused:). Is the bineural processing appropriate additionally to this system?

Sorry, my english (especially in an unknown field) is not perfect…


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The story according to Oticon is that, higher bandwith provides better access to
speech cues, this cues are fundamental for speech production. I have fitted 100’s
of epoq (or higher bandwith instruments) for children and they do work.

Oticon calls spacial sound a combination of 3 things, binarual procession (compression), higher band with 10,000hz and open fit. Binaural compression do provide better

I have good success with safari 300

Thanks for your answer :slight_smile:

The problem is: The 300 work well, but would 900 be better? We will test it, but Rebecca can´t tell us how much better it is with the 900. And probably, we will have to pay the difference (basis hearing aids are paid by the insurance in germany).

Difficult to decide…

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I would say, the 300 has what you need. The 900 is really a high end instrument and therefore it has better processing. Kids do tend to perform better with premium technology.

I have fitted about 30 agils BteP for kids, if you compare their progress with say Epoq V
parents do tend to agree they perform better. The same would hold true for the safari.
The 300 is a good instrument

Hi Katja,
I am knew to this forum but not to hearing loss. I myself have had a loss since I was 10 yrs old and my son since he was 3years old. He is now 11 years old and does fantastic. We have had Oticon hearing aids for him since he was 3 years old. Over the years he has become a very advanced user. He can tell you exactly what works and what does not work for him. It took many years for him to be able to do that. He was probably around 9 years old before his audiologist could rely on his feed back to about his hearing aids and programming them.
Young children usually are unable tell the differences in what the different aids are giving them in regards to the sound quality. My son could never have told the difference at your daughters age. My son has had the higher end Oticon products and has respond very well especially at school with them. He is currently wearing Syncro and we are looking to fit him into Agil very soon. Which typically would be a pediatric fit, but his advanced user skills and history of taking good care of his hearing aids makes Agil an excellent fit for him. Our insurance will pay about 80% of the cost. Which in the US is a very good deal. Hearing aids are not frequently covered by insurance here. Even with hearing aids a person doesn’t hear like a “normal” person." I have always felt get the best you can afford because every little bit helps you function better. A child usually will do better with better technology especially in at school. I would opt for the 900 it will offer her more even if she can’t recognize it yet. Good Luck with you decision

Thanks for your answers!

jrowles, I´d never think my daughter could tell us anything about the quality of the hearing aids at her age. But I hope that she will be able to do it at the age of your son…

We will try to get the 900 paid by the insurance (our doc who has two kids with hearing loss herself also said that she would give us support to get the 900).

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