Oticon RITE Power Mold Question

Hello. I have had my Oticon Agil Pro RITE aids with Power Molds for about two years. I have gone through several molds on both sides. The molds are hard acrylic and the canal lock keeps snapping off. After this happens the mold doesn’t stay in place as well and I get more feedback. Anyway, apparently there is a new thing now where you don’t have to get an impression made everytime you need a new earmold. My audiologist called it a laser something. So she called Oticon and ordered another mold exactly like the one that just broke. She said that I would need to come in because she had to “recalibrate” the earmold. So here is my question. What exactly does that entail? I had a lot of trouble getting one of my aids programmed correctly by my audiologist, and I started to feel like she just didn’t have time for me, so I had them programmed by someone else. I don’t want her to know this, so I am avoiding having her hook me up to do any programming. When she recalibrates the earmold, will it involve any programming? Thanks for your help.

I know Siemens does make a 3d image and keeps it on file… Just be upfront and say you had some changes made and ask her to save your current configuration (which I think is sop) before making any changes. I would guess she is simply rerunning the feedback manager. I know I got my Siemens from the VA and she was fine with my private gal adding some programs and tuning. In fact they are now friends. The time between appts with the VA simply isn’t great for initial tuning.

I hear you Mick. They are your aids so I wouldn’t feel funny going somewhere else occasionally (or changing altogether).

My pro always loads my settings from my hearing aids instead of loading from the file she saved and I half expect it is that she wouldn’t be surprised if I went somewhere else or did some self-adjusting.

Really? I have been going to her for 7 years and I feel really guilty having them adjusted elsewhere. I was bugging her for adjustments so often that I know she was getting tired of it, and the last time I went in and asked for a hearing test she made it very clear that she didn’t have time. Maybe she won’t mind too much since I am taking up less of her time, and it isn’t costing her anything.

Recalibrating for the new earmold usually means re-running the feedback management system… at least that’s what I do when new molds come in.

New impressions are usually required not for making the power mold (they are usually scanned and stored, but the canal locks usually need a new impression.

A curious thing as to why your canal lock keeps breaking off… very odd.

“I have been going to her for 7 years and I feel really guilty”
“I was bugging her for adjustments”
“I know she was getting tired of it”
“she made it very clear that she didn’t have time”
“Maybe she won’t mind too much”
“I had a lot of trouble getting one of my aids programmed correctly by my audiologist”
“I started to feel like she just didn’t have time for me”
“I don’t want her to know this, so I am avoiding having her hook me up to do any programming”

Doesn’t sound like a really good relationship anyway, so what do you have to lose (nothing, it sounds like). What does your contract say about ongoing adjustments. You may think she is doing you a favor and you don’t want to be a bother when it may really be covered by the contract. If that’s the case (covered by contract) part of what you paid was for support.

If support ends after a certain time and it is past that time then maybe you could ask what she charges for an adjustment session, make an appointment, pay for it, and expect (demand) her best work.

I just bought my aids two years ago, and ongoing adjustments are covered. I think some of this is coming from me. She is very nice person and we get along really well. She also gave me a very good deal on my last hearing aid package. But I am a perfectionist and I need things to be exactly right. For some reason one of my aids has not been easy to get adjusted, and I was asking her for modifications on a regular basis. She is a nice person but she is also extremely busy, and I just got frustrated by her lack of time. I should probably find a new audiologist, but at this point my aids are still under warranty and periodically I need things, like new earmolds. I don’t know why the canal locks keep snapping off. It has happened three times in two years.

So, if you were to rerun the feedback management system, you would notice if the programming had been changed, right? Obviously I’m going to have to deal with this.

my numbers are worst than yours… I understand that ‘perfect’ ain’t going to happen. what is the problem you needed to go out into the wild to have resolved and how was it resolved?

My pro just loads my hearing aid settings from my aids into the software and away we go. She doesn’t sit there and compare that to the saved version. I doubt she cares AT ALL you went somewhere else. She probably sees things like this all the time, going both ways. I don’t mean this is a negative way at all about the pros, it’s just the way it is in a busy practice, but to you she is your one and only, special audiologist, and to her you are one of a couple of hundred patients. So her perspective is different than yours because of your respective roles in the relationship. She’s seen this, probably been on both sides of it before, will not be threatened by it, so don’t worry.

In theory, it should not change the programming unless your feedback threshold was at the same or less than your gain settings. This is a fit and venting related issue more than a programming issue.