Oticon RemoteCare Now Available Through VA

Thought I should share this here for anyone in our community who is wearing any of the following Oticon models:

  • Opn S™
  • Opn™
  • Xceed
  • Opn Play™
  • Xceed Play
  • Siya

does phonak have something like this for VA members?

I am not sure and I will not be able to ask my Audi until the first of June. But if Phonak has it and the VA is allowing remote adjustments for Oticon, which I have, then I would expect it would be for the other hearing aids too, as long as the companies can demostrate that the sites are secure enough.

VA in Long Beach, CA. Has it for Phonak Marvel.
I believe most VA Aud centers should be able to do it.
The only issue I had, was I needed to go to the hospital, so my Audi could physically connect thePhonaks to her system.
She met me in front, ran back in, came out 5 minutes later, and the next day, we were on line.

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that sounds good. I now have the OPN1 aids but will be getting new aids this June, more than likely the OPNS1 aids.