Oticon Question for Audiologists

I’m wondering if anyone can give me an answer to this question. If a customer returns a hearing aid to Oticon due to a problem and Oticon replaces it, do they always send a brand new aid? I have had my right aid replaced twice due to defects, and the last one that I received doesn’t look quite new to me. It has a scratched area and what looks like a tiny dent. I just got my aids in April and paid $6000 for them, so I don’t want a previously used aid. Is this a possibility, or am I just imagining things? I’m trying to decide if I should ask my audi to look at it, or if she would just think I was bigger nutcake than she already thinks I am.

Im not a audi but check your aids serial numbers,My aids have serial numbers that match my purchase receipt.


it is a possibility.

Sometimes a dispenser will order aids from a mfg. And, then return them for credit without really using them. They could still be unopened and in “new” condition. And I’m assuming the mfg will rotate them into “stock” for future sale.

I wouldn’t worry about it however, the mfg has probably checked everything out,and they will still stand behind the warranty.

I’m assuming you’re talking about BTEs,custom aids are always new

Could they also send aids that have been previously worn by customers during a trial period? You never know what might happen to an aid during the course of 30-60 days. How would it get dented? Or maybe it’s just an imperfection in the coating. The aids are metallic silver gray so it’s hard to tell exactly what is wrong with it, without a magnifying glass or something. I’m sure it’s just a cosmetic defect. I probably shouldn’t worry about it, right?

As far as the serial numbers go, both of my aids have been replaced since the initial purchase. Is it possible to tell when an aid was manufactured based on the serial number?

In order to have the aids that small, there are compromises. The microphones are
integrated to the amplifier. So they can really do two thing 1) change the receiver (speaker) 2) Change the entire amplifiers if the VC, Mic, telecoil is broken
Chances are you where given a new instrument. The serial number is really really tiny
new amplifier new serial number

I had one of my Agils replaced last week and with the new aid, I received a card with the new serial number on it as well as a new warranty date.

Oticon seems to always send a new device with a new serial number when one goes in for repair. (It gets a little confusing to keep track of the serial numbers). As to your device I wouldn’t worry about it, as it is still under warranty. However, if there is an obvious defect in the case, it seems reasonable to want it replaced.


Well, I have asked two of my family members to look at it, and they both think there is an obvious defect in the case. It is a small dent that you can actually feel. I think I will mention it to my audi and see what she says. I have never received serial numbers or warranty cards with my aids, and I received nothing at all when I got them replaced. I’m assuming that my audi keeps track of those details.

Considering that I paid nearly as much for one hearing aid as I did for my son’s car, it seems reasonable to me to expect them to start out new, with no defects. It does work fine though, and the two that I had previously did not. I’m a little concerned about the fact that the first pair of Agils did not work correctly (they kept losing their wireless connection with each other), and the replacement on the right also had a problem (it kept cycling off and on when I used the Streamer). Has anyone else had issues with Agils?

Im sure they can change the shells

Hi Boss
I think you.ve paid a lot of $$$$$ to get a new one, you should be entitled get a new one not a 2nd hand one, especially not a scratched one, also it should be sealed and you will have the warranty starting from the day of receiving the new one.
maybe worth checking with the Audiologist. (my 5 pence, I hope this will help) Thx

Oticon hearing aids have 2 serial numbers…one for the audi/user and one for the internal circuit, which is a production code of the DSP. The only serial that you will EVER see is the first (written inside under the battery cover for all RISE-products like Epoq, Vigo, Hit and Agil). When the aid gets repaired and Oticon finds some “big” problems they don’t exchange all of the broken parts, they take a new one- so you get a new aid- and a new serial.

When an aid gets returned to Oticon they do all test, clean it and exchange some damaged and used parts and then resell it. They give a new guarantee for that aid and that’s it. But in fact it is a new aid…in your case the cover was damaged and they will replace it in no time, probably also your audi is capable to adjust that!