Oticon, Phonak, ReSound (or my hearing journey thus far)

I visited my audi again this past Friday and got the Marvel 2.0 update done on my HA. No adjustments, but that is a big one! Having the myPhonak app and it’s functions available has been a big difference! Unfortunately, not enough of a difference that would sway me to get the Marvels over the OPNs (S). Next visit is in 11 days and will be switching to trying a set of ReSound Quattros.

Pro for the Marvel:

  • connect to Android with no extra adapter to carry around

Cons for the Marvel

  • unable to disable HA ringer for phone calls
  • poor charger design - difficult to open (I push the button and turn it upside down), more difficult with remove HA, for myself this is ok, anyone with dexterity issues could have issue here.
  • music with headphones - constant changing volume output - definitely need a separate program for this specifically
  • speech clarity is, subjectively, less than the OPN S - not sure this is exactly so, but overall understanding of sound, speech / ambient / environmental were more with the OPN S - thinking out loud - could this be due to going from not hearing to adjusted hearing and now a different adjusted hearing is not as big of a difference as the initial and therefore perceived as not as good?
  • connection to the myPhonak app, every time, there is a re-connection delay, not over long, but enough so that it is annoying.

Indifferent for HA in general is the rechargeable factor. It’s nice to not be needing to change batteries, but then with Li-Ion, there is that factor of putting an expiry date on the HA even if they are working well. Just a fact of how Li-Ion works, so many charge cycles and they will not hold as much of a charge. Also the form factor, being a larger unit, although not greatly different, it is noticeable with glasses that the room is not so much behind the ear. Ultimately I think the HA I do go with will be 312 for the smaller form factor.

Further thoughts to come once I have played with 2.0 a bit more and set up a few more programs and then again once the change to the ReSound aids and I’ve tried those for a bit.

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Marvel 2.0 has been a good thing. I was able to make a program which was perfect for watching tv/movies with good voice quality and sound effects. Noise Reduction - lowest, Speech Focus - lowest, Volume - 1/3 (slider mostly left), Bass - up 2, Mid - up 3, Treble - up 3. Still not the perfect answer, but definite improvement in speech clarity all around. I found myself using this program even when around the house or the office. The only time it was not a good option was when at a restaurant and trying to talk in a crowd.

Unfortunately, with the P receiver being larger, the large power dome was not the correct option any longer and ended up causing inflammation for my ears and the trial period is expired as of Sept 12. With the cons listed previously, even with the improvement of 2.0, the Marvels will not be an option when I go to commit on a pair of hearing aids.

ReSound Quattros are the next set to try and we’ll see how those go. : )

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Today is my first full day with ReSound aids and I have to say, things are good so far. A key item of note, where the previous 2 were entry level premium tier devices, these are top level, the ReSound Quattro 961 rechargeable.

So far, things I have noticed about the Quattros. I much prefer the charger to that from Phonak. Even having full dexterity and strength in my hands, the Phonak charger, to me, was a pain to open in the morning. Pick it up, push the button and turn it upside down. The easy flip lid from ReSound as well as the drop in / pull out charger, is much easier to insert/remove the aids.

Tulip domes, I now know what people are talking about for these! Very nice! Definitely a plus for comfort and wearability. Sound quality seems to be on par with that from Oticon, minus the warble. Definitely a plus!

AutoREM. Very cool feature from ReSound here. Using the Aurical REM neck loop, the ReSound fitting software ran a calibration before putting the aids in, then insert aids, and run REM. The ReSound fitting software then adjusted the levels for 50, 65 and 80dB and adjusted the levels of each appropriately to match with my audiogram.

The phone clip, in my opinion, needs to have its size reduced. The weight makes it too heavy to hang well from a t-shirt neck line, it’s twisting about and then people on the other end of the phone line can’t hear you at all. So for that I prefer the form factor and functionality of the Oticon Clip.

I do also have the TV Connector, which I haven’t yet tried but will get to at a later time.

Overall, just over 24hours of having them and it’s a positive experience so far. I still am not sold on the idea of rechargeable batteries, but we’ll see how that all goes, maybe it’ll be size 13s for me when I do go ahead with the full purchase.

I’m trialling Enzo2 5 at the moment. While I hear really well with the Enzo, the volume keeps cutting in and out on the one I have. So I’m not really sure what I think of the Enzo on day 2 of my trial.
The phone clip I have is about 2 1/4 inches long by 1 inch wide, and weighs around 1.5 oz also made by Resound. If mine was any smaller my arthritic fingers wouldn’t be able to manipulate the thing.

Sounds about right. Were I wearing a collared shirt, something with a bit more substance around the neck line, it would probably be alright. Just t-shirts and the clip don’t get on so well.

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