Oticon Own 1 First Impressions

I recently ordered the Oticon Own IIC (the smallest size) Level 1 with all features. In about 2 weeks I will test them. I have almost same hearing loss as in the picture:

I’m currently using Eargo 5, it’s not perfect for me but better than nothing.
After your post I’m now worried if I won’t hear fire alarms or similar sounds with Oticon Own?

please help, have you tried Oticon own and want to share some information. will Oticon own block certain sounds like fire alarms? i work in a place where fire alarms can go off sometimes and i need to hear it.

Absolutely not. You’ll definitely hear a fire alarm.

thanks for your reply. it is very important for me to hear these warnings my audiologist said Oticon own will be much better than Oticon opn. so hope that’s right. the most important thing for me to hear these warnings.

@jbs2947 I don’t see that in-situ tells you much more than what an audiogram does and the audiogram isn’t enough to accurately predict your gain requirements. There is a reason REM is gold standard best practice. Insitu won’t hurt and may help account for some acoustic effects of the aids themselves, but should not be considered a substitute for REM at all.


Hi, I just got my Own 3 CIC with NFMI and volume button. I noticed also on my aids some issue with NFMI. If I increase the volume on the right the new settings is not transmitted on the left and viceversa. In order to have both aligned I have to put them very close. It seems NFMI signal is very poor. I hope there is some setting about NFMI power.

Do you have the same issue?

I did the in-situ and there are more data points. I have issues with max uncomfortable levels and that has not been investigated so far. My acceptable range from hearing to too loud is not great. Next appointment is this week, but in my case I’m pretty disappointed overall. That may be a reflection of the office rather than the aids though.