Oticon or widex?

i have been wearing hearing aids since i was 8 years old due to a middle ear birth defect. almost 30 years experience now. my current aids are oticon go! and they are my first all digital. they are okay but i did have to have one repaired 3 times since i bought them in 2004. My audio said no one else has had a problem with this brand,i was just unlucky. Now i want to upgrade. my hearing has remained the same for most of my life not much change. i want to trust oticon but i am not sure . She has sugested oticon delta or widex flash micro.

right ear:

left ear;

both ears are mixed losses lows are conductive and highs are senonueral
right ear mild and left severe.

I thought maybe oticon tego or tego pro would be a better fit. not sure which widex. they also sell phonak which was my last analog hearing aid and pretty good for 7 years. i dont know which one to try. for the best value and satisfaction.

The tego pro bte power would have to be…
Perhaps the widex Aikia would be a bit more advance…
If you want phonak get the extra…

I have personally like to fit the tego… It is way better than the Oticon syncro

Ginger, do you know why the hearing aid required repair?

i forgot to add that i have been wearing ITE in both ears for 15 years. now i am considering going back to BTE.
bobo my left oticon was sent back and i was told that it was dirty. however i am meticulous about keeping my hearing aids clean and dry. I am hoping that going back to BTEs will give me more satisfaction and value.
I hope that the tego pros or the akias are not to expenisve.

get a tego which is cheaper than aikia

you might consider also
Phonak Una
GN pixel

what is the difference between tego and tego pro?

tego pro has a extended bandwith, with 4 programs (1 extra program), adaptative directionality (vs Fixed directionality) and 6 chanels vs 4 channels…

Most people wont even notice the difference… except in perhaps parties…

They recommended Flash Micros? No way. With that loss in the left ear I wouldn’t consider micros even with a closed mold and regular ear hook.

Personally, I would not go with Widex if you have that much loss and part of it is conductive. Widex’s fitting algorithms are not the best for conductive losses. Great aids, just not for your loss.

I don’t know as much about the Oticon’s. I think Phonak would be good for you because they can be made more linear which with your type of loss and fitting history may work out for you better. I would stay away from the UNA’s and go with the Extra. To my knowledge the UNA’s are WDRC and the Extra’s can alternate between WDRC and a more linear fitting method. Your audiologist can toggle between the two in the software.

Just my opinion.

you can turn the tegos as linear as you want… it is up to you

I just ordered the phonak extra 211az. this i am getting btes It was a tossup between them and widex flash(not the micro). My audeo said no to oticon because of my bad experience with them. the phonaks were more but i have had phonaks before(programable analog) and they were good hearing aids. i have a little more loss in both ears (ijust turned 40 ,everything is changing;) )

I will be getting them around march 11th. the waiting is agonizing.