Oticon OPNs auto switching between iPad and iPhone?

I have OPN1s with v 4.0 firmware and iOS 11 on an iPhone 6.

Prior to upgrading to iOS 11, I had to turn off Bluetooth on the iPhone/iPad that controlled the hearing aid in order to switch to the iPhone/iPad that I wanted to hear on. This was the case if both devices were in range of the hearing aids. (If I left the house with only the iPhone, the iPhone would take control of the hearing aids automatically.) This was despite the little message box appearing on the device, saying the device was trying to take control of the aids from another device.

I was hoping with iOS 11 that the switch would be automatic. However, it appears that is not the case. I still am faced with turning on and off Bluetooth. I dont even seem to be getting the little message box that the device is attempting to take control.

Has anyone had any luck with an auto switch? If yes, how did you get it to work?

Has anyone had luck with an auto switch or do you always have to turn off Bluetooth on the competing device?

I believe you still have to turn off BT on one device and reconnect to another. That is what I do with my Signia HAs. I have just updated to iOS 11.2 that just came out.

It seems kind of fundamental that if there’s contention for your OPN from multiple different devices within range at the same time, you need to take action to resolve this contention. I’m not sure what Apple or Oticon can do further on their iOS and Oticon firmware to automate this contention without any intervention from you. I suspect it may be a Bluetooth limitation if this standard doesn’t allow for resolution of contention and still allow Bluetooth to be on. Meaning Bluetooth may say one device, one connection, period, and not offer any kind of contention management option for Apple and/or Oticon to facilitate in the first place.