Oticon OPN3 connection with iPhone

Hello there. I am testing new Oticon OPN3 HAs and my audiologist connected them with my iPhone XS and it is pretty cool feature. I tried to make a call and everything was smooth until I put my iPhone into the pocket and the user I was talking with said that he didn’t listen to me anymore. At that moment I realized that I was using the iPhone’s microphone instead of HAs’ microphones. Is there any way to switch to HAs microphones?

Nope. The only HA brand/model that can do this as far as I know is Phonak Marvel.


I believe you could wear an Oticon ConnectClip to deal with that since it has a Mic, and you can also use it to use your opn hearing aids as wireless headphones.

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With Oticon and most other brands in order for the person at the other end of the call to hear you, your voice must be fairly close to the phone and you must be able to see the phone. It cannot be in your pocket