Oticon OPN1 - volume adjustment on hearing aid?

I’m trialing an Oticon OPN1 and while it’s pretty impressive I’m having a hell of a time adjusting the volume. My audiologist says it’s a quick click on the left to go down and a quick click on the right to go up. Longer press and holds cycle the program.

Problem is I can’t seem to click fast enough to do anything but cycle the program! Even when I do manage to click quick enough, the volume does not appear to change at all. I mean I have to click supernaturally fast or it just cycles the program. I’m kinda wondering if I’m doing something wrong or if this pair has a bug?

When I borrow my wife’s Iphone to pair up with them, I can adjust the volume with the app.


Sounds like a bug. Mine work fine - there is a definite difference between a “quick click” and a " long click". It did take some experimentation and getting used to. Good luck!

Maybe your Audi didn’t set it correctly. Ask him/her to verify that;

Genie 2 / END FITTING / Buttons and Indicators - looks like the second image below;



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I bet your audi thought that volume control is enabled by default, so she didn’t turn it on. But the reality is that it’s not by default.

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So quick press is changing the program. Does long press also change the program, or does long press change volume, or does it do nothing?

Quick press changes the volume, long press changes programs, very long press mutes. Very quick press unmutes.

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