Oticon Opn1 speech-in-noise alternate programs

I have Oticon Opn1 and I can’t seem to get any significant improvement in comprehension in noisy environments. I know Opn is supposed to eliminate the need for directionality but there have been times recently when I have really thought that something like Phonak’s “Stereozoom” would really help. Just increasing the volume with the buttons on the Opn helps a little but it also greatly increases background noise.
I have been using only the regular one-size-fits-all Opn program. Does the Oticon programming software offer the audi the option of creating additional custom programs like “Party” or “Restaurant”?
If so, what custom programs have brought improvements for anyone? Thank you.

Sounds like your audio doesn’t have your aids set correctly for your needs for speech in noise, your aids have a good many different adjustments that can be done for speech in noise, including soft speech setting. As I have found my aids have the same as completely eliminated all background noise to give me the speech in noise that I need. It can be done. Your hearing loss isn’t as bad as mine so it should be able to be done, keep on your Audi am make him/her work for the money he is getting from you.

Certainly your audiologist can add the “speech in noise” program. I find it to be helpful. Until you do that, the Oticon ON app has a toggle for “OpenSound Booster” that adds some directionality and also helps to understand speech. Under almost all circumstances I like the omni-directional aspect of my Opn S 1 HAs, but the booster often helps me focus on things like watching television.

No the OPN doesn’t have it but the OPN-S does

Oops, did not know that.

As has been pointed out, it’s the Opn S1 that has the program to address the issue you raise. For me, it’s option 2 on my hearing aids, and it makes a tremendous positive difference in my ability to function in crowds, restaurants, receptions, etc.

The OPN can be adjusted to get the same a speech in noise with the user and the Audi taking the time to have the adjustments made.
I will be honest it took almost 9 months of monthly appointments to find the sweet spot for my needs. But my Audi and I both learned so much about the hearing aids and what they are capable of.

The regular one-size-fits-all default program has weaker noise reduction values by default settings. It’s almost as if you had the OPN 2 or the OPN 3, yet here you are, already paying the premium for the OPN 1 and its high noise reduction capability. It’s almost a crime that they did that -> set the defaults to lower/weaker noise reduction values in the OPN 1 when it can and should have been set to its maximum.

If that’s the case for you (the OP), then you should ask your audi to bump up the noise reduction values in your default program to max values for both the simple and complex environment settings, and set the transition help to High as well. By doing so, you’ve basically implemented the equivalent of the Speech in Noise program (although the Speech in Noise program does bump up the volume a little bit more as well, which you can easily do manually with your volume buttons just the same).

That’s how I have my default program set on my OPN 1. Don’t worry about this affecting how you hear in simpler environment, because it automatically adjusts to lower noise reduction in simpler environments anyway, so you get the extra noise reduction help when you need it in complex environments, but you don’t have to be stuck with too much noise reduction when you don’t need it in simpler environments.

As far as adjusting for Full Directional when in noisy places, it can be done with the Directionality Setting in another program as well, so you can switch to this other program if you want to get extra directionality beam forming effect, so you can have both settings in 2 different programs for more flexibility. HOWEVER, with the original OPN line, even this extra directionality for beam forming is very subtle and may not be perceptible to you anyway, although it doesn’t hurt to try, especially if you have extra unused programs to spare in the first place. In the new OPN S line, they supposedly boosted this beam forming effect up a bit more in a mode that they call the OpenSound Booster which can be enabled by the user via the ON app, although it’s still a mixed bag, and some people still don’t perceive any difference, while others seems to notice the extra help better.


I have only the default program that is set for my needs. The only issues I have is with really soft spoken individuals regardless if female or male. I have emailed my Audi and he says that he can adjust for that. I will have my annual hearing test on the 6th of January and will get the adjustments then.
I went to an extremely noise restaurant this past weekend, and I could hear all of the voices great, and it felt like I was in a quiet environment. My wife is the one that said it was noisy, and my Apple Watch noise app was showing over 100db at times, and still I had no issues. The soft voices are normally at my Bible study class and it is very quiet in the room, the two people there that I have issues with my wife says she has a hard time hearing them too.

Totally agree with your perspective, Volusiano, on setting the noise reduction in the OPN 1s to the highest level (-9db). The major difference at this technology level is noise reduction, but the default setting doesn’t have it activated for full effect.

For folks with OPN 1 or S 1 devices that are struggling in noisy situations, this would be the first thing I’d check. Then, I’d also add a specific program they could switch to to see if it offered further benefit.

One thing that doesn’t often get talked about here is the real solve for continual issues with noisy environments – a remote mic. The mic dramatically boosts the signal-to-noise ratio for the patient, far more than the hearing aid can do itself regardless of brand and technology level.


I have OPN1 ITE hearing aids and I have no issues with noisy environments, my only issue is from what my wife tells me with two people one female, and one male that have extremely soft voices, and my wife has the same issues but not as bad.
I only have my default program and I am extremely happy to only need it, it sure does make my life easier and simpler

Thank you to everyone who responded, especially cvkemp and Volusiano. I visited my audi again and brought in your recommendations. I’ve noticed a difference. I waited until my ears had a little time to adjust before responding.
It’s not perfect but I really think it’s better. I know I can’t expect to achieve normal hearing but I feel like I’m a lot closer to optimum settings. Thank you for encouraging me to be persistent with my audi.