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Hi, first time on here so be gentle. I have a pair of Opn1 105 receivers with custom molds. I have been fitted for them, however they are terrible.
My voice sounds like it’s in a bucket, I get a lot of background noise(clicking), can’t hear a call when using the iPhone, same goes when I use the tv adapter, constant shhh noise it’s a pleasure to take them out so I can hear natural sounds. My audiologist is coming on Thursday to refit them for me and I was just wandering if anybody had any fitting suggestions for my hearing loss? That I can give to him. I do fancy doing a bit of self fitting but don’t have the money for the cables at the moment. I have read some good thing about the Oticon HAs and I’m not ready to send them back, yet. Please help.


Glad to hear (no pun intended) that you’re getting a set of hearing aids for whatever your situation might be. I’m wondering, about two things:

  • Is this your first set of fully enclosed domes? If so, fully occluding ear-moulds can initially feel like you’re walking around with fingers stuck in your ears and like you’re listening to the world through seashells. And as you mention, everything is going to sound different. Your own voice and all the familiar sounds are now interpreted by the hearing aids. Sounds you haven’t heard for years will now be coming through, which is often initially uncomfortable.

  • You mention the 105, from which I gather the audiologist needs a lot of gain and is probably using a fully enclosed dome with no vent? Vents allow for a more natural sound as they don’t trap sounds out / in but they also incur feedback, and can therefore be problematic for certain hearing losses.


  • Ask the audiologist to use the feature (if they aren’t already) where the hearing aids gently go to full strength over a few weeks. This will give your mind a bit of time to adapt.

  • Based on your high-frequency hearing loss, the audiologist likely needs to use the fully occluding domes so that you can hear the higher consonants like ‘s’ or ‘t’. However, in some situations it might be worth trying a vent, but remember that it is a trade-off. The more venting the more feedback-prone and therefore the less amplification the hearing aids can offer. (Though with custom moulds they have more control over the venting and can do so in a way that can help minimise feedback). In my case I am willing to make a slight trade-off on the highest frequencies so that the lower frequencies can more naturally enter the ear (via vented dome). (One trick is to not use the Genie2 feedback analyser which tends to be conservative on feedback prevention, thus cutting back on amplification in certain frequency ranges where the aids actually seem to do fine.)

  • Ask the audiologist to use the in-situ audiometry if they haven’t already. This is where they test your hearing through the hearing aids using Oticon’s Genie2 software and prescribe the gain accordingly. It is available with their latest firmware and Genie2 updates. When a set of hearing aids is well-fitted to the specific acoustics of the aids / mould / ear canal, then it can help minimise the sense of occlusion.

  • If they haven’t already, ask about different programs. For example, there is a ‘comfort’ channel option and a ‘music’ channel option. The comfort channel is good for when you’re finding the background noises overwhelming.

EDITS - I saw your hearing profile and have adapted the text accordingly.

Your Aud. or HIS should be able to adjust the Aids for you. If you are a new wearer your brain will adjust to the different sounds after adjustments. If your voice sounds like a bucket just shut up. Only kidding

People describe their speech with aids in a lot of ways. It is something most experience.

The clicking sound is an ongoing complaint about OPN1 aids. Some say its is better with replaced aids. Others not so much help.

SSSSSSSSSH annoyance is addressable. Because you have rapid falling audiogram, it was a likely occurrence as you haven’t really heard that sound fully for a while. The brain assimilates the new sounds of a month or so and it becomes the new normal – with proper adjustments.

The thing to not get away from you is the trial period. Getting stuck with aids you don’t like or aren’t suitable happens too frequently. Don’t let that happen here.

Thank you for your reply, I do appreciate it. This is my first pair off custom moulds with a 1.4 vent, I do appreciate that there would be a trade off but didn’t realise the amount.
I have the programs, but to be onset they don’t do much, I think they need tweaked. I will mention what you have said to my Audiologist tomorrow,hopefully get them fitted right this time.
Thanks again.

Thanks for your reply, I only have a few days until the trial period is up so need to make up my mind tomorrow when my audiologist is here. Fingers crossed he sets them up right.

You can ask him to extend the trial at least a week or two. Tell him the alternative is their return. Get it noted on your contract to protect both parties.

I would be interested to see how you get on Peem… Especially with the 105’s as I am planning a set of Opn1 myself. Cheers Kev👍

Update on my Opn1:
Couldn’t get an extension on the trial period, so had to had them back as I was not happy with them. Certainly not 3k happy. So now I’m back to square one, and don’t know where to go now or what to try. Any advice on what HA would best suit my hearing loss would be much appreciated.

DIYers tend to not answer questions about profound hearing losses. Professional fitters tend to not answer questions about self fitting. So you are half way in the wrong category depending on which question we are reading from you.

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Why doesn’t this category show in the latest? I was wondering the same.

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