Oticon OPN1 new batteries immediately 1/4 depleted?


That’s been my impression that any sign of battery level drop means be prepared to change soon. My only has 3 levels, 1, 2, or 3. Stays at 3 until nearly out and then rapidly progresses (usually within a day to 2, 1 and out.


Thank you for the suggestion. It has very good Amazon reviews and I ordered it yesterday


Then why is it that my battery for my right hearing aid always goes dead first, my right ear is severe and my left is moderately severe


The higher the amplification the more power it draws. I have the Alta2 and my left aid dies long before the right.


I think there’s variation between the individual hearing aids. My left aid needs less amplification, but it’s battery often dies first


That is so true, I get and extra day out of my left aid


Just to back-up Kipin Tacoma, Joel and others have mentioned, it is very important to let the battery “breathe” before use. Here is what battery manufacturer Panasonic Batteries has to say on the subject:

“After removing the tab, let it breathe for at least 1 minute or, for the best results, 5 minutes.”

"By respecting this ‘breathing time’, you will extend the lifetime of your zinc air battery up to between 30 and 80%."


I certainly “buy” the idea that the batteries need to “breathe” to come up to full voltage, but I don’t think there’s any good research to back up how long. There are many discussions on the forum about this and there are conflicting reports and studies regarding how long.


I contacted Duracell tech support about letting batteries breath and received the following reply…

We do recommend waiting at least 1 minute from the time you pull the tab off of a hearing aid battery before putting it in your hearing aid. It does not hurt to wait up to 5 minutes before putting a hearing aid battery into your hearing aid as this would help ensure that the battery is fully active.

If a hearing aid battery is brand new and doesn’t work or immediately sets off the low battery warning, we recommend letting the battery sit for 15-20 minutes because some cells may require longer to fully activate.
The battery life is dependent on the hearing aids and how they are used. Some hearing aids may use less power, especially if the volume is turned down, while other hearing aids may use more power.


I’m observing a new situation today where the iPhone MFI menu says that my right HA battery level is 20% (then now @10%), yet I can still stream from the TV Adapter OK. Normally at this level, I would have expected it to not be able to accept the streaming from the TV Adapter already.

So the point of this is that you don’t really know the true level is, even when showing very low, nothing is definite until you actually hear the low battery chime going off.


I wonder if it is a time estimate. But for that to be true it would have to know when new ones were put in. I guess that when the voltage drops and it triggers the low battery warning, it could record that so when the voltage goes back up it could assume the reason is new batteries.

Otherwise the voltage is flat and it can’t measure the zink level in the fuel cell (I presume).


Probably because your right hearing aid is programmed to help you more.


I have never seen that problem