Oticon OPN1 new batteries immediately 1/4 depleted?


I buy Costco Kirkland batteries and they last me about 4 days with lots of streaming. My experience with the iPhone MFI battery meter is fair. They show 100% full for new batteries, and I’ve seen them get down to as low as 20% (switched from black to red color) and shortly after that I get the low battery warning beeps on my OPN. However, I don’t rely heavily on the accuracy of the iPhone MFI battery meter.


Ever check after a couple of days of usage? With my KS7 and an Android phone, mine will read full until the day they quit. Sometime during that day they will show indications of lesser charge and then fail shortly after.


I remember recently seeing 60%. I might have seen 40% before as well. I’m guessing it’s showing the status in increment of 20%.


Perhaps Oticon’s battery meter is better than most.


I have the same hearing aids as the OP and received mine from the VA. The batteries given by the VA or ones you by act the same way. I find if I leave them on the counter with label removed for about five minutes they show true value for a while. I do find I get about three to four days on a battery. I use the app on my iPhone and it shows battery level. The last 40% drops off quickly. If, I use the TV link battery life is about two days.


I am getting new Oticons from the VA and I am fairly sure they are the OPNs. I will be getting the whole package, TV connect, Phone connect, and connect clip. While I figured the batteries will not last as long I am shocked to here they only last a couple days but I guess that is the price we pay for the technology and connectivity.


Remember battery life also depends on the settings the VA did on your devices. So if, your hearing isn’t that bad then you might get better battery life.


My hearing is severe so I am sure that I will not get that good of a battery life


If you get better battery life than mine please post here, so I know to bring mine in for service.


The above is the battery indicator from the ON app. I use the battery indicator from the MFI menu. It shows numerical values and not just a bar graph. Mine is showing 70% on one and 60% on the other. So at least that’s a 10% increment. Not saying it’s accurate down to 10%. Just saying it shows 10% increments.


Well… as long as no one is getting sick of this thread, I noticed something at the bottom of the screen which says “reset app and start over” clicked it and the battery monitor reset to what I consider a normal level. Same batteriesnow appear nearly full

Then, I grabbed some new batteries from the same package I used this morning. They immediately register as 100%.

For anyone who may encounter this post in the future, simply try to reset the app and start over. It took approximately a minute.


I’ve had bad batches of batteries before. Not your HA’s unless you suddenly changed into a very noisy environment which will use up more battery life.

I’ve been using only Power One and I’ve gotten the best battery life longevity and consistency with them. I think it’s possible that some batteries will have an air leakage that can begin their depletion before the seal strip is removed with use, or so I’ve read.


Power Ones have proven to be the best for me too, I get my batteries given to m from the VA System and I have seen bad batches of batteries in the box. Not all in a whole box just 12 or so at times.


Yes, let them breathe for a minute or two, it’s quite interesting the activation (coming from an electronics engineer here). Also I don’t recommend buying 312’s online. It’s too iffy. Get RayOVac from a local big box store like Target (not sure where you are) and check the date on the package. Amazon has been supremely infiltrated by people getting bulk trash and selling (or counterfeit or …). I think RayOVac is the best brand in this format (I’ve never tried Power One).


You absolutely must wait approximately one minute after removing the air seal from a new battery. The battery charges by allowing oxygen in the air to contact the zinc compound in the battery. It takes a minute or so for this process to ramp up to full voltage. If you pull the tab off and immediately put the battery in your HA and close the door, it will not reach charge. Also, you should always open the battery door fully when taking your HAs out for the night. It saves battery life and allows air to circulate inside and dry them out. I use the Perfect Lux dryer (mentioned and pictured above). I believe it does an excellent job of drying and disinfecting the hearing aids.


“My hearing is severe so I am sure that I will not get that good of a battery life”

Interesting comment. Does one of you engineering types here feel that different settings (for more challenged hearing loss) effects battery life? So, if I have the volume turned up, I’ll get a shorter battery life? Seems far fetched.


I think things like streaming would affect battery life much more significantly than amplification. The design of the hearing aid should already have factored in the amount of amplification such that the battery life should be enough for the range of amplification it’s designed to handle. Case in point is that more powerful hearing aids for severe to profound loss tend to be designed with size 13 battery already.


or even 675 batteries for profound losses (Ultra Power aids)


My right HA battery was showing 60% yesterday and this morning it dropped to 10%, then I started hearing the low battery chime after that. Normally it lasts 4 days, so going from 60% to 10% in 1 day implies that the voltage stays fairly constant until it drops precipitously.


I work and play in a variety of situations. Batteries seem to deplete faster when the volume is higher. No way to test this!