Oticon OPN1 new batteries immediately 1/4 depleted?


Love my one year old Oticon OPN1’s. I have used only Duracell active air 312’s, which I buy in bulk from Amazon. Recently, every battery I install immediately registers as about 25% used up. The expiration of this current batch is in 2022. They also don’t last as long as previously. Is this likely a battery thing or a problem with my hearing aids?


I have found that to be “normal” after about 90 minutes of use following insertion of “new” batteries in the OPN1’s. I have seen little difference between Oticon batteries and Power One batteries which I normally use. Using 312s, I am consistently getting 63 to 68 hours of use. OPN1 specs call for 60 hours of battery life.


Thank you I am getting new aids, I know they are OPN but not sure which level. You see I get them from the VA. I believe they will be OPN 1 due to what my Audi said


I’m guessing it’s a bad batch of batteries. Try some batteries from a different source and see if that fixes it. Depending on where you purchased your hearing aids, many will give them a quick cleaning and change batteries for free.


Thanks. My battery life is nowhere near that long. Do you turn them off overnight? I often forget. The batteries installed about 2 hours ago are showing 25% depleted (right) and 50% depleted (left).


My father has free oticon VA hearing aids, but they are not OPN1. He loves them, but I don’t know what model they are. His can’t be controlled via smart phone.


By turning them off, do you mean opening the battery doors? That’s the only way to really “turn them off,” and yes, that’s advisable. You shouldn’t be able to detect any drop in voltage after just a couple of hours. To me, this suggests a battery issue, although I guess it’s conceivable that something could happen to hearing aids to cause increased drain? I’m still betting batteries and the test is easy as mentioned above.


The VA offers most brands of hearing aids. What you get depends on many things, what you need, what the Audi knows, and even what you ask for. I have been in the system for about 15 years and I have learned to do my own research and to ask for the brand and options I need or want. I am on my third pair of aids and will be getting my fourth early December. The new ones will be my third set of Oticons


Yes, opening the doors. I work and play in a variety of places, so I also turn them up and down often, and change from the general to directional settings. Turning them up for extended periods seems to reduce battery life as well. Thanks for your suggestions. I’ll try some fresh store bought batteries and report back with the results.


Yes opening the battery doors


I’ve had my new OPN1 hearing aids for two weeks and the batteries are lasting longer than my older Costco Signatures Plus hearing aids. I’m getting 6 days of 12-14 hours, no streaming, I open the battery door every night. Amazon Basics Hearing Aid Batteries A312, 60 Pack are best pricing I can find at $13.79
This visit… The audiologist suggested than when you take the shipping “tape” off your batteries to let it rest 5 minutes before activating the battery. She sighted several studies proving longer battery life when you let them “breath” first.


I’ve never tried to let the batteries breath first, but will give it a test. I usually fail to open the door at night and was getting 2.5 days… 60 hours. Lately it’s been only about 30 hours. Maybe this set of batteries sat on a delivery truck, either roasting or freezing. Tests continue. Thanks!


I’ve had the same issue with my Opn1’s ever since I got them. Personally, I think it’s the poorly designed Oticon On app that is the problem. I don’t think it gives accurate battery-level readings (I have an Android phone and a ConnectClip). Also, the app has stopped recognizing one of my hearing aids (after the recent app update)–so I’ve had to uninstall it from my phone because it’s useless. Lots of people on the Google Play Store have complained about the app. If you’re using an Android phone, the app might be your problem, not the batteries. Just a thought.


These batteries were installed last night after 6 days on the old ones. I waited 5 minutes before closing the doors and energizing the batteries. OPN 1, no streamer, off and in de-humidifier nightly for 8 hours. Looks like near %100


Most people’s experience with battery indicators for disposable hearing aid batteries (zinc air chemistry) is for them to read full until just before they fail. The discharge curve is very flat and the indicator is not very useful.


Odd… these were brand new, installed 6 hours ago!


I have not found this to be true at all. Before this current issue, my battery indicator slowly dropped from full to less than half, then completely out.


Tell me more about this dehumidifier… seems like something I should consider.



@Volusiano What is your experience with your battery meter?


Was cheaper at my audiologist than this Amazon price… maybe $48 USD