Oticon OPN1 and tinnitus feature


So far it’s actually better than I thought given the volume restrictions. I only notice it when it’s quiet, so it seems good at turning itself down when the environment is noisy, so it doesn’t compete. I chose the Ocean 1 sounds, and it does sound just like ocean waves, although without a lot of variation, but I actually find it quite soothing. It doesn’t really do anything to actually help my tinnitus though, as it’s fairly low level (which I could get truned up, but then I think it may become annoying), and doesn’t really reach the frequency range of my tinnitus enough to mask it, but the soothing nature means I may just keep it.

My program 2 is speech in noise, which doesn’t seem much different to #1 anyway, so if I really want to disable the tinnitus sounds, I can just flick up the program and carry on. Still, the novelty may wear off and I’ll just get it removed anyway because as you said, it doesn’t really help the tinnitus.


If you had maxed out the noise reduction settings in P1, which you should anyway to get the most noise reduction when you need it, then the Speech In Noise is really not that different than P1 anymore, except that its default volume may be slightly higher than the default volume in P1.

Did you get the OPN 3 or OPN 1? I remember you were going for the 3 but the title here on this thread says OPN 1 so I’m not sure which one you went for. If the OPN 3, it has the least noise reduction between the 1, 2 and 3, so it should be set to max value in any of the programs anyway, except in the built-in Music program where there’s no noise reduction enabled.

The thing about the OPN noise reduction is that even when set to max level, it doesn’t mean that it’ll apply this max level in all situations. If the noise is not too loud, then the reduction is less. If the noise is louder, then the reduction is more, accordingly, up to the max value if necessary. So if you think about it, why would you want to limit the noise reduction to anything less than what the OPN can deliver, right? As long as the OPN delivers the appropriate amount of reduction to the corresponding amount of noise, we should set the max noise reduction value to the highest value it can do and let it manage to deliver the appropriate amount of reduction to the noise as needed.


I only got the Opn 3 - this wasn’t my thread originally, I just hijacked it :slight_smile:


…damn,for me its totally opposite…in noisy eniorments tinitus with HA goes to crazy levels