Oticon OPN1 and tinnitus feature


I initially thought that the optional tinnitus feature would play masking sounds constantly, but I read somewhere (maybe this forum?) that is is just a training exercise and only to be used for short periods of time. If this is so, then in effect it is just like their downloadable tinnitus app, except there is no streaming involved. Could someone please tell me if my understanding is correct? Also, for those of you who have used the OPN tinnitus feature, what has been your experience with it? Thanks.


Resound has an app called Resound Relief that has a lot of features. I stream that sometimes. You can build your own sound and save it and play it. It is not tied to their hearing aids. I use it with the Costco KS8. It also has relaxation sessions.


There is a member on this forum using the OPN and its tinnitus feature successfully, although I don’t remember this member’s name. A search may reveal the member’s name.

But below is an example page of the tinnitus feature on the OPN in Genie 2. The second page is the tinnitus volume control options.

I don’t use this feature, but it seems to me like the way it works is that the tinnitus sound will play all the times with the OPN and when you don’t want to hear it anymore, you simply turn the tinnitus volume control down to zero. It seems like you can also adjust the volume control range as well.


I’m pondering what settings I want when I get my Opn 3’s and wondered if this would be helpful too. Trying demo mode on the On app, it seems to enable a separate program for Tinnitus support, and has independent controls for volume, wave type and equalisation.

I’ve seen some comments about it being a battery drainer, but not sure if that’s more or less than normal streaming drain anyway.

I’m not sure I’d be willing to dedicate a whole separate program just to enable it. Also streaming from a phone app, such as the resound relief app, which seems quite nice, would provide more sound options to my liking I think. Problem with relying on an app is the fiddle-factor of using it vs just changing program on the aids, and maybe more battery usage.



I don’t think you need to dedicate a whole new program out of the 4 for tinnitus. The way I think it works is that if you have up to 4 programs, you can pick which of the 4 programs you want to apply tinnitus on. You can put tinnitus on all 4 if you want.

In the example below, you’ll see that I apply tinnitus to program 1 and 4. So in the first screen, you’ll see that when I apply the volume control buttons for Tinnitus, it shows that the volume control buttons is for tinnitus now on P1 and P4. But on the second screen, for the regular volume control, you’ll see that the regular volume control now applies to P2 and P3 only.

I guess to use regular volume control for P1 and P4 now, you’ll need to do it either via the ON app or via the iPhone MFI interface if you use iPhone.


That would seem to be very confusing, and mean you can only use Tinnitus if you have a control app, not if the aids are stand alone, which surely can’t be correct, unless the tinnitus program is only for tinnitus management, as it’s not really functional if you can’t adjust the aid volume manually.


Yes, if you want to have volume control for the tinnitus feature then you’re limited to not being able to use the volume button for regular amplification, which is a trade off.

If you read the instruction below, they do seem to recommend you keep P1 without tinnitus turned on for use in regular amplification, and if you want to switch to a program with tinnitus, then create one in either P2, P3 or P4. So in that sense, you do lose a program like you said.

So in your case, you may want to have a regular P1, and P2 the same as P1 except with tinnitus added (and perhaps dedicate the volume control for tinnitus if you want, then P3 for the music program, and P4 for a telecoil/phone program. Note that you cannot apply tinnitus to a telecoil or phone program.


Yeah that leads back to my question in the other thread about the 4 program limit, if I want 2 different phone programs. I’ll have to try the Tinnitus feature to start, and see if it’s any help. White noise type sounds have always been more annoying to me than the tinnitus though, but water & wind noises I find very soothing, except when there’s a bad loop join in the sound so it’s a very noticeable repeating skip - that’s more annoying than all the rest combined. Not sure how nice the Opn sounds are until I try them.

My tinnitus is fairly self manageable, it’s only sometimes when I’m home alone in silence, or lying in bed (when I wouldn’t have aids on anyway) that it really bothers me. Using an app is probably sufficient during those times.

Funnily enough, all this effort on me getting my aids and managing my tinnitus has actually made the problem temporarily worse as I’m focussing on it so much. Probably once I’m use to my new aids and life goes back to normal, I won’t even need the tinnitus support as I won’t be paying attention anymore.


Many say that the fact of just wearing hearing aids should help with tinnitus alone.


Yeah I’ve read that, but there is the size benefit that sounds like ocean waves are also relaxation sounds, which I probably need more than the tinnitus relief :slight_smile:


I’m getting the OPN1 in a few days. Can I get the tinnitus help if I’m still with an Android phone? Should I have the audi dedicate one of the button selections? Thank You. My tinnitus is bad, but manageable.


The tinnitus support is independent of what smart phone you have.

You should probably have the volume control for tinnitus set up so you can control the loudness to your liking, at least initially. Later, if you find a level you like, you can have the audi set the signal level to that fixed volume and maybe you’ll be able to remove the dedicated volume button for it.


Actually @Volusiano , with the tinnitus volume control, does it have to be assigned to an aid control? If not, wouldn’t it be better to leave the volume for it on the app only, and leave the aid controls standard?

If you then set the initial volume to muted, you could then have it all in the P1 program, and just turn it up from the app when you need it? Or am I too hopeful it’ll work this way?

I wonder if this did work, would the aids consume extra processing power with the tinnitus function enabled, but the sound volume muted?


I hardly ever use the ON app so I’m not sure how the tinnitus volume control works on the app. Besides, my OPN doesn’t have tinnitus set up so I don’t know if it needs to be set up in order for me to see the tinnitus volume control of in the app or not. But currently I don’t see any tinnitus control in my ON app.

The tinnitus feature will probably turn on a sound generator to mix in with the main volume. I wouldn’t think that a sound generator would suck up too much processing power considering how intensive the main processing is already. So I doubt that it’ll add enough load as to be a considerable additional drain on the battery.


Well, it seems I expected too much from the On app. I got tinnitus support added to my setup, thinking i could control the volume ftom the app, but it appears not. I didn’t have tinnitus volume of the aids turned on, as ai didn’t want to lose the aud volume control, but it appears thats the only way to control tinnitus volume - you can’t have both.

This seems very poor design to me. Who would want to sacrifice their main volume control just for a tinnitus control? I think you can only put tinnitus control on program 1 too, so its always going to be the default when you restart your aids…


When I have my aids in I notice my ringing much less, it is still there and if I am in a very quiet place it can bother me.


I have my program 4 dedicated for Tinnitus support. It’s a copy of my main ‘General’ program with Tinnitus support turned on. The ON app has volume controls that adjust the ‘Ocean’ volume for each ear separately. These are independant and do not change the volume on the hearing aid mics.


Ok I must have missed the option to assign it to a specific program. I thought it only actiavted in program 1.


Below is an earlier post in this thread where it should be obvious that you can turn on tinnitus for any of the 4 programs, or all 4 programs, if you want.


@russ I used the tinnitus support program for an hour or so a day during the first week or two I had my OPN’s. I rarely use the feature now.

I made tinnitus masking one of my ‘must have’ features when selecting my hearing aids. It turned out not to be what I was thinking it would be. Tinnitus support won’t be a factor at all when I pick out my next pair of hearing aids.

I thought it would be more of a frequency matching that would cancel out most of the tinnitus noise and would run in the background whenever I was wearing my hearing aids. It turned out to be just added noise which I find a bit annoying.

I downloaded a Resound GN app called “Relief” and I find it just as good or better for tinnitus relief when streaming through my ConnectClip.

I will be interested to hear how the tinnitus feature works out for you after you’ve had a chance to use it for awhile.