Oticon Opn

I decided to take the plunge and ordered a pair of Oticon OPNs. I’ve heard that there isn’t an intermediary device available yet for non-iPhone Bluetooth connectivity. But the product guide lists the “connect clip” as being just that. Anyone heard anything about the connect clip?

Good luck with them; I couldn’t be happier with the Opn’s (and with buyhear). The only thing I’ve seen about “connect clip” is from a German brochure; the (mis)translation isn’t even internally consistent (no streamer, but need the connect clip; um…) “Both communication systems are power efficient and allow about Oticon ON app direct control of the hearing aid via smartphone (iOS, Android). An additional streamer is no longer necessary. Only need to call Android smartphones the Oticon Connect clip”

Frankly, needing an accessory makes streaming via Android much clumsier than with iOS (and more expensive!) Will be interesting to see what this non-streamer streamer actually consists of, though it’s not supposed to be available for 9+ months. As I’ve said elsewhere, an iPod Touch isn’t a bad option for Android owners (much cheaper than an iPhone, nice form factor, and the $250’ish for 32GB might not be much different from the eventual cost of the “clip”.


I have an iPhone but i use a dumb cellphone for work.

Before the company I work for subsidized some of my phone bill I had a company provided dumb-phone also. I just forwarded calls from one to the other. Incoming calls would go to my iPhone and if I needed an outgoing call to be from the work phone I’d call from it. While it’s not hands-free while walking around I find I can hear a phone at my ear just find.

That’s a good idea actually. I can forward my work calls to my iPhone.


I got my Oticon Opn last month. Works great, but I miss a microphone with BT. As I understand it from my “hearing doctor”, the ConnectClip is just that … a BT microphone with some controls. Will be available in Sweden and Denmark Q1-2017.

Is there an brochure that elucidates the Connect Clip product capabilities? I am unable to find this online but remember seeing one on these forums.

Are you referring to the vaporware product “Connect Clip”? So far, it’s a year late with no sign of release in sight. Not sure that capabilities are relevant at this point.

There’s no stand-alone brochure just for the ConnectClip but the main OPN product guide/brochure mentions it and a couple of other accessories. Below are the text excerpts of what they say about these accessories in the OPN brochure:


ConnectClip is used with mobile phones and other
audio devices not supporting direct wireless
connectivity (or streaming) to the hearing aids
(Fig. C). The hearing aids function as a wireless
headset and the user’s conversation is picked
up by the ConnectClip’s built-in directional

Audio from the mobile phone streams to
ConnectClip using standard Bluetooth technology.
The audio is then streamed directly to the
user’s hearing aids using 2.4 GHz technology.
ConnectClip works with almost any mobile phone
produced since 2010. The availability of the
ConnectClip is to be announced at a future date.

Phone Adapter

Phone Adapter 2.0 connects wirelessly to the
ConnectClip – allowing for hassle-free daily use of
traditional phones.

USB Adapter

The USB Adapter (BTD 800) is a “plug and
play” solution which wirelessly connects the
ConnectClip to practically any computer for
Skype, Messenger, Lync and other softphones.

Yes that’s right I’m going to ask my audiologist for an ETA.

Yes that’s right. Why do you say that its capabilites don’t matter any more?

I’m being somewhat sarcastic, but what do the capabilities matter if the product isn’t available and has no near-term ship date?

I don’t want to put words in chattermail’s mouth, but I think the implication was that if this product is ever released, it’s capabilities could very well change.

Actually, it’s that I don’t trust that it’s ever coming out… :slight_smile:

Kind of ridiculous that I started this thread over a year ago and still not it even an ETA has been released. I recently commented on a Facebook post by Oticon and asked about the release date. Same response as last year “we expect the release to be later this year.”

I agree with you. My sarcasm detector is broken… And I’m an Android user and trying to upgrade to the OPN makes this a challenge since I’m tethered to my phone for everything.

I gave in and switched from my Samsung Note 4 to an iPhone 7 Plus. I’m not fiercely loyal to Android although I much prefer Android over iOS. But I don’t want to have to carry the ConnectClip around everywhere with my Android phone either. So the switch was justifiable to me.

I think the ConnectClip failed promised release date of Q1’17 is the biggest Oticon let-down to its customers so far. Maybe they’re hoping people would just switch over to the iPhone if they don’t want to wait (like I did). I wonder how many potential customers they’ve driven away to other mfgs due to the lack of the ConnectClip…

I totally second your opinion, chattermail. Yeah, I was a bit mislead back in December when I bought my Opn miniRITE aids, and my aud-guy said the streamer would be out in Q1 2017. I guess the Android bluetooth platform is simply not as easy to work with as Apple iPhones. I’ve consoled myself with now using a pair of YUGE Sennheiser headphones as my so-called “streamer”. I simply plug them into my Samsung Galaxy 6S phone, and voila! Works as good as my old Agil Pro aids with the Streamer Pro necklace. Now I have TWO solutions for streaming the phone, except that one of them requires a pair of aids that are 5 yrs old. Ironic that my NEW aids are still languishing in a Twilight Zone of no streaming. Such is the bane of technology in the hearing aid world.

I would definitely agree that the whole boondoggle and mis-communication on a so-called streaming device compatible with Android devices was utterly mis-managed by Oticon. Altho I continue to limp along armed with TWO pairs of aids and TWO types of streaming, it is not a perfect world. I’ve pretty much given up on any ConnectClip coming to the USA for us Android users … ever.