Oticon Opn wireless microphone?

Im going to try some Oticon Opn PP’s. I current have Phonak Nadia’s and I use the wireless remote mic and ComPilot often. I regularly sit in a large group with one speaker in front who wears my mic. Works great.

Now I’m being told that with the Opn there is no remote mic. Instead I have to hand my phone to the speaker. He’s not going to hold it close to his mouth and I’m concerned that the sound quality will not be as good as with my Phonaks. Oticon told my HAP they have no plans for a remote mic.

How well does this work? Are there workarounds? Maybe I’ll just keep my Naidas and use them for group teachings, but it’s hard to believe Oticon doesn’t get this.



Severe-profound 35 year HA user with genetic, progressive loss.

Oticon accessories have been a moving target. They keep moving the date out. With your requirements, they don’t appear to be a best or even good choice. There are recent remarks about the latest Resound product – the 3D model. I’d at least try them rather than hope for someday having a remote mic for the OPN.