Oticon OPN using IPhone Accessibilty shortcuts



Have any of you been able to control your OPN hearing aids using the Iphone control panel and not dealing with the ON app. I was looking over the MFI settings and the accessiblity shortcuts.


Yes. Just triple click on your home button and that’ll bring up the MFI menu, even if your iPhone is locked up. Then you can control volume and programs for your OPN directly from there.

From your control panel, you cannot do volume and program change for your OPN.

If you want to “soft touch” the home button equivalent on the screen instead of “hard touch” the actual home button 3 times for the MFI menu, you can enable your Assistive Touch option to bring up the Open Menu where there’s a soft Home button in there to triple click on.

I use this MFI interface to control my OPN almost exclusively in lieu of the ON app. The ON app takes a long time to connect to my OPNs when it’s first launched and I don’t care for that delay. Also if from the iPhone lock screen, I’d have to unlock my iPhone first, then open up the ON app, which is at least an extra step compared to triple clicking on the Home button from the iPhone lock screen.


Even with it being about 3 weeks before I get my OPN aids i am trying to learn as much as I can about them and how to use what I have to control them. I have always just used the remote control part of my streamer pro for my Alta pros, I found the connectline app to be mostly useless. I will be getting the connectclip and I know it can do some remote controling of the OPNs but it does look to be as good as it as the streamer pro was.

So yes I will be asking some crazy and maybe stupid questions, so stand by for them.


Congrats on getting your OPNs soon! Also don’t forget that the hard buttons on the OPNs are the handiest to change programs and volume. I prefer to doing that over using the iPhone MFI to control the volume and programs because I don’t have to even touch my iPhone to that. Just reach the OPN buttons and I have immediate access, unless I want to do it discretely for some reason.

One thing I do use the MFI control for is to reduce the streaming volume when I’m in the TV Adapter mode independent of the mic volume. If I use the hard buttons on the OPN to control the TV Adapter, it would control BOTH the mic volume and the TV Box volume together in tandem. So to keep their respective volume separate and independent from each other, the MFI lets me have that level of control while the hard buttons don’t.

For streaming from the iPhone, the iPhone volume buttons are used to control the streaming volume.

I don’t have the Connect Clip so I can’t say what it controls but I assume that you should be able to control volume and program changes from there as well. What’s not clear is whether it allows you to control both the OPN mic volume and the streaming volume on the device or not.


Just got my OPNs. Have spent three days with them so far and they are fab. Like the fact that I can amend the mic volume as well. Had to reduce mine a fraction!

I have the Connect Clip but still getting to grips with it! A little different from the Streamer Pro!

Best of luck when you get your OPNs. Love mine so much! Amazing clarity with speech and sounds!