Oticon OPN Update?

Does anyone have a “feel” for or prediction for when Oticon may be updating or releasing new technology for the OPN line? It has been out for quite a while and am interested in all of your thoughts. Am currently in the market and am very interested in them but don’t want to get caught buying yesterday’s technology.

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Great question, Just did a search and all I came up with was a new “hearing fitness” app.

I would never buy Oticon again; they don’t treat their customers well, IMO, and have been very unreliable with new releases. And yes, the technology today is two years old. I’d look at the Signia Nx or perhaps Phonak B90.

The Oticon Opns have been updated several times since their release. A few of the updates were quite major audiologically, so what was released 2 years ago is different than what is currently present today. I would expect them to be releasing the Opns into their custom hearing aid platform this year and possibly introducing a lower end hearing aid on the Velox platform as well. But I would be surprised if the Opn 1/2/3 were replaced anytime soon. I’m hoping if they do improve anything in the current Opn 1/2/3 that it would available as a firmware update as many manufacturers are doing that in recent years - which allows us to update existing clients’ hearing aids as well. But who knows.

But yes, they are releasing a hearing fitness app that I am intrigued to learn more about. They have been rather hush hush about it in the Canadian market at this point.

But it is hard to say what is in the pipeline for Oticon.

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The only way the OPN would become yesterday’s technology is when Oticon develops a newer platform than the Velox platform for their new hearing aids. Otherwise, they’ll just continue to provide new firmware updates to add new technologies to their current OPN line on this platform, like the introduction of Speech Rescue last year on firmware update 4, or the addition of Connect Clip support on firmware update 5 along with the restoration of in-situ audiometry. I suspect this new hearing fitness technology will be introduced via a new firmware update as well.

And given that the Velox platform cost them A LOT of money to develop, I doubt if they’ll try to develop another brand new platform any time soon.

So I think based on this, it’s probably safe to buy now and not worry about it becoming obsolete soon. If anything, they may start waterfalling their OPN to include even lower cost options like maybe a 4 or 5 with some of the new technologies not included. They’ll probably try to do this rather than start lowering their prices across the board.

In terms of a product line, they already have the PP version and the Tcoil option and the rechargeable option included, so the only way to expand now is make a CIC version. If that’s what you want to go with (the CIC) then it may be worth a wait to see what’s going to be offered there. Otherwise I wouldn’t worry too much about jumping in late in the game.

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I think there is a big audiology conference happening this month. Usually hearing aid manufacturers introduce any new models at these conferences. If I were in the market for new aids I’d wait to see what gets introduced at the conference before buying new hearing aids.

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Opn ITE/BTE are going to be available by June /July, plus more models at the budget end of the line. We’ve had the launch ‘save the date’ sent through in the last couple of days. Not sure if there’s a Mega power aid in the line-up yet.

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