Oticon OPN Streaming Problem with iPhone IOS 12.2 Update


Since I updated my iPhone 8+ to IOS 12.2 I have been experiencing problems with streaming to my Oticon OPN1 hearing aids. Prior to the update I had no problems and was able to stream to both aids every time. Now, when I start streaming only one aid gets audio and I have to turn Bluetooth off and then on again to get both aids to stream. Usually the right aid works and the left does not but sometimes the opposite occurs. Some times it takes multiple attempts of turning Bluetooth off and on again to get both aids to stream.

Has anyone else had this problem with IOS 12.2 when streaming?



I have iPhone 7+ with the iOS 12.2 and I am not having any issues with streaming. I did have to forget and pair my aids due to having one of the aids repaired.



I’ve tried “forgetting” and re-pairing the aids several times as well as rebooting the iPhone, etc. but nothing seems to improve the situation. As best I can tell the aids are fine so I have to think that the problem lies with the iPhone.



I have a 6S Plus OPN1 and works fine but now I am hesitant to update to 12.2. I guess I can wait a while and see if other report a problem. Thanks for the heads up.



If possible try your aids with a different phone



Good suggestion but I have no other phone to try it on.



It could just be a problem with my particular phone but that’s why I wanted to see if anyone else was having any problems with IOS 12.2.



I’ll try it with my wife’s phone. She has the same one.



Maybe a friend who had on you can try



Tried it on my wife’s 6S Plus and worked fine with pandora. Now updating mine.



So confirmed OPN1 and iPhone 12.2 on the 6S Plus works fine with Pandora streaming. Tried it on 2 phones. Maybe just a model specific problem.



I have 12.2 on an iPhone 7 plus with no problem streaming to my OPN 1.

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Ok, thanks for all the feedback. It sounds like it is something to do with my specific phone. I think I might try doing a reset and see if that clear it up…

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FYI - I contacted Apple support and they had me unpair my aids and then do a “Reset All Settings” on the iPhone 8+. After the reset I repaired the aids and now streaming seems to work fine with both aids.

Apple was actually very helpful and they even collected the Bluetooth logs from my phone along with the software and firmware versions of my OPN aids and sent them to their engineering people. Who knows, maybe it will help them to improve the streaming capability. At least they seemed very interested and spent quite a bit of time with me trying to resolve the problem. When I contacted Apple I used the number for accessibility problems - 1-877-204-3930 and I would recommend using that number for those who might use the iPhone with their hearing aids.

I have to conclude at this point that the problem was specific to my phone and not to IOS 12.2. Time will tell, of course, but at least for the moment all seems well again.



No trouble at all on my iPhone X and XR, both running 12.2.



It has been almost a week now since I “reset all settings” on my iPhone 8+ and I have not had any further problems with streaming since. Looks like that did the trick and now it all works well.



I have a pair of Signia 7nx. Since updating to 12.2 the streaming cuts in and out occasionally. The signal never totally disconnects, but it dies get distorted and garbled.



I have custom ITE half shells OPN1s and iPhone 7plus and the latest updates and I am not having any streaming issues. That also includes my iPad with the latest updates.



I am using an iPhone XR to stream to my KS8 hearing aids. Immediately after upgrading to 12.2 I ran into problems streaming to the KS8. Sometimes left sounds are very weak, other times the right aid sounds are weak, again other times left and right seems out of phase when listening mono. I have tried all the options like mono, optimize for hearing aids etc to no avail. I have performed the recommended reset and re pair. Didn’t help. The only thing that helps is to turn off Bluetooth and turn it on again. Sometimes it helps after one attempt and other times after several attempts. When I start streaming again after the Bluetooth juggling I hear click, click in the hearing aids. I never experienced that before. I wish I had not upgraded to iOS 12.2.



That sounds quite similar to the problem that I was having with my Oticon aids. In my case it was all due to the phone and not the aids but to “cure” the problem I had to do a major reset of the phone (“reset all settings”) which basically blows away all settings on the phone and restores them to factory default. It is a bit of a pain since I had to then redo a whole bunch of settings including the password and fingerprints but it was worth it in the end since it now works fine. You might try giving the Apple accessibility folks a call and see if they can assist you with your problem. Their number is 877-204-3930 and I found them to be very helpful.