Oticon Opn streaming phone call via bluetooth problems

I’m now trying out the Oticon opn 1 MiniRITE (105) after my Phonak Audeo Q. I’m very happy with the Oticon Opn 1 but, when i use bluetooth on my iphone 6 to stream phone calls, the oticon opn reboots itself (without playing the opening tune). My Opn’s firmware is 5.0, and my iphone 6 is up to date. I can’t solve the problem. It constantly reboots itself when i talk on the phone. Does anyone else have the same problem or anyone knows how to fix it? I’d already contacted to my audiologist, and he asked to Oticon about my problem. But still we can’t solve it. Any help would be much appreciated.

Does the OPN play the start up tune when you close the battery door? If yes, and it blanks out momentarily without playing the start up tune when you’re using it in the streaming mode with the iPhone on the phone, it may actually not be a reboot but it just blanks out momentarily due to loud noises.

When I create a loud sound (like slam the car door or a kitchen cabinet door or a loud clank of some sort), sometimes my OPN 1 momentarily silences but within a couple of seconds it resumes normal operation. It doesn’t happen very often but it does. I think it’s a way to protect itself (and your ear) from very loud sounds.

I wonder if based on your pretty heavy hearing loss with the 105dB that demands very loud amplification, maybe it goes into this mode more often than not and that’s what you’re experiencing.

But if you’re pretty sure it’s in the reboot mode (although it’d be weird why you don’t hear the start up chime) while only on a streaming phone call then it may just be a defective pair that needs to be replaced to see if the problem is solved.

I’ve never heard of such a problem on the OPN like this until now, though.

Oh it must be it then, because it silences itself when there is noise. I shouldn’t call it rebooting when it doesn’t even play the opening tune. It definetely momentarily silences it self for a couple of seconds. Maybe it is doing the same thing when streaming the calls either. Because even though i search so hard, i couldn’t find any problems or complaints like mine on internet. I think it is because of the loud noises. Maybe there should be a setting to fix this on Genie 2. I hope there is a fix.

There’s a transient noise management feature in Genie 2. Maybe your audi can play around with it to see if it helps. It’s a feature to deal with loud noises.

If you set it to be less aggressive, it may not cut out too soon on you.

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Just came back from the audiologist, and appearently it was because of this setting. He turned it off and It is fixed now, works flawlessly. It won’t silence itself anymore during the noisy events. I’d like to hear everything without any restrictions anyway. Thank you so much for the help, it was my only problem with the Opn. Now i’m ready to buy it :slight_smile:

NI think this is what has happened to me recently. The hearing aid would stop working, but only in my left ear and thennstart working again, no start up tone. Thanks for the tip.

A couple of times it seems this has happened, but the hearing aid didn’t come back on and I would just open and close the door so it would re-boot, then it was okay. In this case, it would not be a clogged filter as the button on the aid would not work as it still would in a clogged filter situation. Not sure if I just didn’t give the aid enought time to recover or if this is something else.

You didn’t say if you’re using the Oticon “on” app. Probably not since you were just going through the initial trial. I’m curious about whether it might be possible to export the event log from the app. It might help run down connection or blue tooth information. It’s shown in the app, but I don’t know if it’s possible to download or export it. Has anyone had experience with that?

(I’ve posted this question in another thread, but it looks like the readers of that thread didn’t know or didn’t think it was pertinent)

Oticon OPN 3 RITE, iPhone OS 11.2.2, Oticon “ON” App, ZPower rechargeable batteries

I hardly ever use the ON app, and the event log only seems to show connected and disconnected events to the ON app specifically and nothing else so I’m not sure how useful this information is anyway.

Many thanks for posting this. I have been struggling with this issue since upgrading and after calling Oticon was told that this was a known issue with Firmware 5 and that a fix was in the works. Im basically on the phone all day for work and this problem was very annoying. Went to the audi, disabled the transient noise management (was set to medium) and the issue has gone away. Not sure exactly what I’m giving up but i don’t recall having this feature kick in in past.
Thanks again.