Oticon OPN S1 reprogram to Phonak P90

I read the last week that many Guy´s write that with an program you con Oticon OPN S1 sounds like Phonak P90?! I never find this post. Has anybody an idea how i can DIY my Oticon thats sounds like the Phonak? The speech is not loud but the other things are so lout. Water, Car, Door Bell etc. All Noiser and Blocker are activ. All Speech Booster on Max. No way… Thanks to all

You don’t want your Oticon to sound like a Phonak (for whatever that means)

This is not what you should be trying to do, you want you Oticon to sound like a Oticon, as in what you think sounds good to you.

So you are referring to you OPN S models I take it, so if you want to DIY successfully, you’ll need to know exactly what you are trying to achieve or avoid and how to program them for this.
One thing at a time is best.
Just sounds like a bit to much lower/mid frequencies coming through, but could be a number of other issues as well.

Post your audiogram, this will help others to offer advice as well.

Do you have a copy of the Oticon Genie 2 software and hardware device Noahlink wireless.

Don’t forget the Genie 2 guide