Oticon opn s1 real ear measurement

Hello, new to the forum and HA’s. I have a question about real ear measurements and the OPN S1. I brought this up to my Aud and he told me there is no need your model already does this automatically. Can anyone verify this as fact or is it bull?


The OPN do have a measure test it does but it isn’t a REM that takes placing tiny microphones in your ear up to your eardrums then putting your aids on. The REM insures that the receivers are outputting what the program say it is .

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No hearing aid model performs real ear measurement “automatically.” The Genie2 software from Oticon does help to streamline real ear but, as cvkemp mentions, it still requires that probe tube microphones be inserted in your ears while your hearing aids are on. Measurements of the sound are then taken, verified against target and adjustments made within the fitting software.

When a provider mentions, “automatically,” they may be speaking to the prescribed targets which the software provides for the average person with your hearing loss. Real Ear takes this a step further by customizing the delivery of sound so targets are matched perfectly based on the unique anatomy of each of your ears. You will get much better results by insisting on real ear measurement.



Great info thank you

100% as the others have mentioned. Oticon has their baseline adjustment made on your hearing test, however, what you hear could be far from that with the HA in, all dependant on your domes, etc. Best to do an REM and then you have an actual measure that the HA are delivering what they need to for your hearing loss at all frequencies. The default programming for Oticon, Phonak and ReSound were all way too high gain from 2-4k for me, however they were light in the 125-2k and 4-8k ranges. With REM we were able to bump up the low and high but pull back the mids which has resulted in great conversation clarity for me.

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Your own ear canal resonance contributes extra gain at 2-4 K Hz. You will need REM adjustments with any hearing aid. I noticed that REM match the targets at first only for women with a small ear canal.