Oticon Opn S1 bluetooth issues

I’m in the first week of my trial period for my new S1s. Calls generally go my iPhone ok. I set up my iPad so I could stream music, TV streaming etc. I got it paired and it worked until the next day. Both my iPhone and IPad were on 24 hours. The iPad pairing disappeared so now I guess I have to turn my HAs off and pair again. So my question is … should I expect both my iPhone and iPad to stay paired and seamlessly send sound to my HAs without intervention depending on which device I am using?

Haven’t had that issue. I have issues with my iPhone and iPad fighting for the connection with my aids, or the hearing aid volume going crazy. Right now I only have my aids paired to my iPhone. I also have issues with battery drain being really bad if my aids are paired to both my iPhone and iPad.

I’m using the OPN S 3. I use two iPhones regularly. I find the solution is to disengage/turn off Bluetooth on the device I don’t want paired. Do this by just swiping down from the top right of the iPhone screen to get to the control centre. If you need to swap between devices, just reverse ie turn Bluetooth back on for the next device and turn it off on the current device.
I also do this sometimes when I have set up TV streaming ie turn Bluetooth off after the setup. Otherwise when I go to a game or instagram app etc the sound switches from the tv to the new app. (Sometimes I want this, other times I don’t)
Using the above technique I don’t have to keep manually pairing or turn the aids off, it’s just automatic after the Bluetooth is switched.

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Thx. Will try that. I discovered that my IPad updated automatically overnight so that prob broke the BT connection as well.